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Traveling Soldier--new issue is out

"Traveling Soldier" is an antiwar GI newsletter.
This issue of TRAVELING SOLDIER features:

1. Iraq GI says: "This war is about money. The money is only making the rich man richer"

2. "You are supporting us troops out here the best way possible - trying to get us back!"

3. Rumsfeld Loses an Army

4. Ft. Stewart GI: "George W. Bush, the soldiers that have died for this sham [...] are so much more deserving than that. You are not worth the dust off of their boots"

5. Winning or losing in Iraq? Behind the lies about "progress" and "free elections" on Jan 30th.

6. Why did Bush win the election?

7. An appeal to Traveling Soldier readers from the wife of a medically unfit soldier.

8. Words from the front-lines - what soldiers are saying about the
war in Iraq.

9. Download the new Traveling Soldier to pass it out at your school, workplace, or nearby base.

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Interesting pieces... 21.Jan.2005 17:06

Tony Blair's dog

The only thing that should be corrected is the articles about
"W" winning this election. He didn't.

Daddy Bush's pals stole it for him.

Check out the motherload of articles exposing the vote fraud of 2004
here on pdximc and on www.blackboxvoting.org

The election 21.Jan.2005 20:34

Daniel, ex-Marine against the war

I fully agree, and I just don't understand why so many Progressives keep saying that Bush won an election where so much cheating was done. I strongly suspect that Kerry won the electoral vote; as for the popular vote, it appears to me that the Republicans could've stolen 2 or 3 percent of the votes, enough to make a Bush "victory" look convincing.

Nevertheless, I do consider TRAVELING SOLDIER an excellent newsletter and believe that it and other GI websites will play a key role in getting the word out to our troops.