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On Tuesday, January 18th, 2 new brokerage firms joined Legacy in making a market for Huntingdon Life Sciences (stock symbol: LSRI). It is imperative that we send an immediate message to both Puglisi & Company and Punk, Ziegel and Company, both New York City firms.
Puglisi & Company, New York City
Punk, Ziegel & Company, New York City

Please call, write letters and send faxes to these companies and explain in polite terms that Huntingdon Life Sciences is in the killing business and that they are responsible for the deaths of 500 animals every single day. Ask them not to trade in blood money.....money that comes from the suffering and death of countless innocent animals.

Let them know about the 5 undercover investigations that have revealed the cruelty and animal abuse that goes on behind the locked doors and guarded gates of HLS. We're sure that as soon as they get they message, they will stop making a market for the notorious puppy killers at HLS.

Note from SHAC UK (reposted from SHAC UK listserv):

"Activists in the US are preparing to launch a campaign against these blood money traders if they don't see sense. So it is time to give them a taste of the global strength of feeling when it comes to people who deal in Huntingdon Life Sciences/Life Sciences Research Inc.

On a similar note, if you ever doubted the success of the strategy of targeting the suppliers to the vivisection industry, check out the article from Reuters on www.shac.net. Despite the bias of this article, we should not forget that many of the companies have pulled precisely because they did not know the sort of evil businesses they were serving.

Companies such as HLS abuse the work Life Sciences in their names to mislead their suppliers. When the suppliers realise this, thanks to your efforts, too often they are furious and drop the entire industry altogether. When a courier company says they will no longer deliver to HLS in the UK they have often repeated the message to companies such as Covance and Sequani. The result, every animal abusing firm feels the pressure.

The real reason the pharmaceuticals are complaining is that the truth about their unsavoury habits is finally being exposed and people are treating them with the scorn they deserve. Long may it continue."

Below is the information reprinted from the last action alert, plus some new e-mail addresses and contacts.


Puglisi & Co
399 Park Avenue
37th Floor
New York, NY 10022
Tel: 212.418.1200
Fax: 212.418.1225
Toll Free: 800.418.3383 (corrected number)

Main Desk: 212.418.1212
OTC Trading: 212.418.1283
Dealer Sales: 212.418.1282

Jeffrey Puglisi, Chief Executive -  JPuglisi@pugco.com

Ozan Akcin, Director of Research -  OAkcin@pugco.com

Brian Wilkinson, Analyst
Email:  bwilkinson@pugco.com; Tel: 212.418.1109

Stephen G. Rigo, Analyst
Email:  srigo@pugco.com; Tel: 212.418.1107

Joseph S. Kalinowski, Director of Research
Email;  jkalinowski@pugco.com; Tel: 212.418.1104


Punk Ziegel & Company
Tishman Speyer Bldg.
7th Floor,
520 Madison Avenue,
New York, NY 10022

Tel: 212.308.9494
Tel: 212.308.2168
Fax: 212.308.2203
Email:  info@pzk.com
Web: www.pzk.com/main.php

Executive Team
William J. Punk, Jr, Founder & Managing Director -  BPunk@pzk.com

John L. Bligh, Chief Financial Officer
Email:  jbligh@pzk.com; Tel: 212.308.9494

Stanley J. Goldring, Managing Director -  SGoldring@pzk.com

Louis Kovacs, Managing Director -  LKovacs@pzk.com

Investment Banking Team
Edwin H. Gordon, Managing Director -  EGordon@pzk.com

Sagiv Shiv, Managing Director
Email:  SShiv@pzk.com; Tel: 212.891.5245

Jerry Balter, Managing Director -  JBalter@pzk.com

Amy Cooper, Vice President -  acooper@pzk.com

Equity Research Team
Sharon R. Seiler, Biotechnology Analyst -  SSeiler@pzk.com

Matthew L. Kaplan, Biotechnology Analyst
Email:  mkaplan@pzk.com; Tel: 212.891.5247

Steven B. Berg, Enterprise Software/Storage -  sberg@pzk.com

Seth Potter - Wireless Communications
Email:  spotter@pzk.com; Tel: 212.891.5218

David G.M. Lickrish, Specialty Pharmaceuticals -  DLickrish@pzk.com

Juan F. Sanchez, Nanotechnology -  JSanchez@pzk.com

JoAnne Feeney, Nanotechnology/Nanoelectronics -  JFeeney@pzk.com

Richard X. Bove, Financial Institutions -  RBove@pzk.com

Sales & Trading Team
Robert H. Rogers, Institutional Sales Manager -  RRogers@pzk.com

Kim E. Addarich, Syndicate Manager -  KAddarich@pzk.com
D Sappir -  dsappir@pzk.com


List of All Emails in This Action Alert:  JPuglisi@pugco.com,  OAkcin@pugco.com,  bwilkinson@pugco.com,  srigo@pugco.com,  jkalinowski@pugco.com,  info@pzk.com,  BPunk@pzk.com,  jbligh@pzk.com,  SGoldring@pzk.com,  LKovacs@pzk.com,  EGordon@pzk.com,  SShiv@pzk.com,  JBalter@pzk.com,  acooper@pzk.com,  SSeiler@pzk.com,  mkaplan@pzk.com,  sberg@pzk.com,  spotter@pzk.com,  DLickrish@pzk.com,  JSanchez@pzk.com,  JFeeney@pzk.com,  RBove@pzk.com,  RRogers@pzk.com,  KAddarich@pzk.com,  dsappir@pzk.com

Check  http://www.shacamerica.net daily for updates on the campaign to CLOSE HLS!!

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