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KAFIYAS: DC Goons Stoop To A New Low

Jeremy Scahill reported this morning on demnow that Chief Ramsey's goons have now begun wearing kafiyas to blend in with the protest movement before whipping out their shiny metal handcuffs to begin more brutalizations. Behavior shows them to be fully trained on this!
[transcript forthcoming...] We were in the streets quite a bit yesterday you and I and the crew from democracy now we got caught in some of the most violent exchanges that occured yesterday at the heart of a scene early on in the day when about 1500 or so black bloc protesters broke off from the main DAWN march and held a spontaneous march and attempted to gain access to the parade ground and then the police responded with quite a significant amount of brutality hitting people using some form of chemical agent spraying people with high velocity sort of mini-cannons. so we were kind of moving with that crew throughout the day. and there also were as well people in military uniform I rembember naval officer and the police were also using these metal whips that almost looked like a so there were a number of these exchanges around 13th and pennsylvania. http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=05/01/21/1531230

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It's an old tactic... 21.Jan.2005 09:49

Tony Blair's dog

to camoflage among the prey.

It's the best form to infiltrate and destroy a group of protesters from inside.