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Update from jail support

Most arrestees released by 4:AM, three still in. Four have hearings today go in support.
Update from jail support.

There were a total of 13 arrests at the Chevron station action and 3-4 others. Everybody that we have information on is out by now except 3 who will not likely be released before thier hearing at 1:45 and 2:00 PM today (Friday, Jan. 21) .

We are encouraging people to go to the hearings if you would like to support the arrestees. If at the hearing they are set to be released, it will likley take untill 5 or 6:PM for them to actually exit the machine, so it would be encouraging to see friendly faces.

Hearings at 1:45 & 2:00 PM at the Justice Center 1120 SW 3rd Ave. Court number one.

If you have information that would be helpful in the defense of the arrestees please contact the General Defense Committee at (503) 234-4518. Please be aware of the damage that incriminating photos and eyewitness accounts can do when published on Indymedia. Also, there may be some danger in talking to the press if they show up at hearings. If you have the scoop on some of these arrest situations please get that information/ photos/ video to the arrestees themselves, thier lawyers, or to the GDC.

We can always use donations, large and small towards our phone bill.
616 E. Burnside St., Portland, OR, 97214

e-mail:  defense4@mailbolt.com messages: (503) 234-4518

Thanks, the General Defense Committee of the IWW (Portland)

phone: phone: 503-234-4518

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arrests 21.Jan.2005 15:27


one of the cops put everyones stuff that was arrested with me into a big bag and tied it to my tight ass handcuffs so they were digging into my wrists. they also threatened to hog tie me if i didnt stay quiet. they were also threatening to turn up the heat in one of the police vans if people didnt cooperate with them.

arrested... 23.Jan.2005 10:24

the government

yeah i made a complaint about that pig that threatend us with the heat and the officer told me i had "nothing to complain about"