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Entire Herd Released from Deer Farm

Received anonymously by activists in the USA:
"The ALF is claiming responsibility for the release of the entire deer herd from GNK Deer Farm (65801 Big Sandy Road., San Miguel, CA. (805)467-3705) in southern Monterey County in the early morning hours of January 18, 2005.

The pen was located in the rear of the property and over 1/4 of the fence was cut away, releasing the deer into the mountainous countryside.

GNK Ranch - owned by former LAPD Sergant Gerd Konieczny - is one of the 3 largest deer farms in California and hosts an on-site deer slaughterhouse.

We believe this to be the first ever deer liberation in the US. Freedom for these creatures - for whom death is a certainty- was a simple and unskilled operation. Hundreds of deer farms operate in this country. We encourage
compassionate people everywhere to locate farms in their area and tear down their walls.

The venison industry remains small. Our hearts go out to victims of the larger problem, the billions of lives we are unable to save - cows, chickens, pigs, mice, rats, and others - casualties of the meat, dairy, vivisection and other
industries of suffering and blood. Their pain is our own.

For the liberation of the helpless we will strike,



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No Longer Santa's Slave 21.Jan.2005 11:58


Run Rudolph Run!

you guys ROCK! 21.Jan.2005 12:51


a big THANK YOU to the ALF !
bambi didn't want to be locked up.

Latest ALF Targets the Wrong Course 22.Jan.2005 14:55

Wild Greens

What is wrong with the PDX Indymedia editors? You are the only people on the internet who delete my comments and it has happened repeatedly.

When I post a Nader speech, it gets deleted. When I post a story criticizing Nader and the electorial system, it gets deleted.

Now, when I criticize the most extreme* (philosophically) action of the extreme cult wing of the Animal Liberation Front, it gets deleted.

* Mind you, I have no trouble with ALF's tactics, the tactics are quite sound.

In this case, it is the philosophy behind such tactics combined with the target.

Come on, a range-style deer farms. What next, my friends angora rabbits? My neighbors chickens?

I am all down for bringing this corporate animal torture system to its knees. To that end, I support ELF style tactics. However, when extremists within the animal liberation start targeting family farms, I am with the farmer and I hope to see many others in the anti-globalization movement with me.

ALF: Doings What It Can to Shut Down Farmer's Markets 22.Jan.2005 15:53

Wild Greens

This guy sold his venison at Farmer's Markets.

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