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Protest At Chevron Station

Two people locked themselves to the pumpstations at chevron station on Broadway by PSU this evening. They we're eventually arrested. This is a great idea, two people alone can shut down the oil stations. If anyone has some good ideas for an action such as this, please write...
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We NEED PICTURES! 20.Jan.2005 21:44

someone there

there was more than two people taken away.

We need pictures! Since the corporate media is neglecting this event as well as the KATU events. Pictures of the events to tell the world that people are making a stand against Amerikan Fascism.

side note: One of the individuals arrested is female and did not have a female officer frisking her, but male officers. That might be illegal.

Hang on here 21.Jan.2005 00:50


Hang on here: before you all go out and get arrested trying too shut down gas stations by chaining your selves to pumps, remember all gas stations have an emergency shut off valves or switches. If you want to shut the gas station down find and hit/break the switch or valve. Of course I'm not trying to encourage any thing here

shut off valve 21.Jan.2005 02:22

Jack Shit

The shut off valve definatly was one of the first things to get hit.

Use your heads, people... 21.Jan.2005 08:12


Your "action" at the Chevron station is silly on so many levels. The only people you affected with your protest are the minimum wage pump jockeys and the owner/manager of the store. Way to stick it to the man!
Here's a clue, folks: Most of the service stations in the Portland area are owned by minority small businessman and women. Disrupting their businesses doesn't do anything but harm these people looking to make a decent living. If you have a problem with Chevron, you need to go a couple of steps higher up the food chain before they'll notice.
I'm all for protesting Bush at every chance. Just be smart about it and try not to hurt your fellow Portland citizens.

GREAT OBSERVATION 22.Jan.2005 14:09


nevertheless, it takes very few people to cause a disruption. think about it. choose your targets well, but consider that 500 committed and intelligent people could cause some real distuption.

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