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mini-mass takes the lloyd center!!!

30 mass riders met post-march to assault the northeast quadrant to re-claim our streets!!!
about 30 bicyclists met up after the terry shrunk plaza rally ended, escaping the police cameras and riot-cops. we rode across the steel bridge and up through the max lines onto multnomah heading east. we headed into the parking garage of the lloyd center mall, and reclaimed the structure in the name of bike dominance. we screamed our way up to the entrance into the mall, near Marshall's, a good portion of the riders rode on into the mall, while the rest covered the entrance. we rode around the upper level of the mall, past the dazed, zombie consumers. when we were finally confronted by the security guards, we booked it out the closest exit, and swung back around to meet the waiting riders outside.
we took a left on 15th, and again onto broadway, where we took up the entire 3 lanes! we followed that all the way down to MLK, with no signs of cops. we took a left on MLK and clogged the lanes up entirely all the way over to Burnside, where we turned left, and immediately left again onto Grand, heading back north. we took the entire roadway again until we reached weidler, where we got split up. We overtook the wendy's parkinglot and waited to regroup. we dispersed from there, many heading for the event at Nocturnal. as we pulled out we saw a giant squad of motorcycle cops turning up weidler toward the lloyd center...too late piggies!

it was the best mass ive been on in years, as we were actually taking the road, not being corralled by cops. we were truly taking our place back in the center of the roadways!! and all the pollution-spewing monsters were held back, like it should be!

viva bicyclettas!!

2 wheels good, 4 wheels bad!!!

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Maybe In 2009 20.Jan.2005 21:02

Den Mark

Maybe in 2009, Portland won't be sending 19 of its cops to DC to suppress democracy, since you eluded their pals back home. Yeh, yeh, yeh!!! Good work!

Cycle away 20.Jan.2005 22:50


Good going, bicycle riders. I'm with you in spirit, but gotta walk it.

High level of radness 21.Jan.2005 08:53

Friendly Dave f_bmxers@hotmail.com

Last night was the first critical mass that I've ever ridden in. I had a blast. I'll see you guys at the next one.

woohoo! 21.Jan.2005 08:56

el toro

That was so awesome... when's the next one???

down with mall zombies 21.Jan.2005 17:28


i heard about the mall rush on this website's radio last night! WILD, elegant and too cool.

Good work!

Yes!! 21.Jan.2005 21:58


Although I don't consider myself a "mall zombie," I happened to be there up in the food court with friends grabbing a snack after work. We knew right away it was Critical Mass riding through, which I began screaming out at the top of my lungs :) Woohoo!! Of course, riding a bike inside the mall is strictly forbidden by the uniformed corporate security stooges there. So this was really great to witness! You should have seen the stunned looks of all the "normal" people around us too, hehe.

We later saw the group riding on Multnomah Blvd. You may not have noticed but a single police car was hanging back and following the pack around, (1-2 blocks behind, hiding around corners, etc). No doubt the cops were calling out your locations and coordinating reenforcements to take you down (hmmm, 15-30 unarmed, peaceful riders, that would mean the PPB would need to call in, what - 100 heavily armed bike and riot cops to ensure community safety, right?). But you eluded the dragnet! The Heroes of the hour!

Awesome - keep up the great work and do more actions like this, where nobody would suspect Critical Mass would show up! Power to the People!

I dig it 22.Jan.2005 11:38


That's rockin' swell! I love that rush to be had from riding with the pals & knowing that the people around you will watch your back while you do the same & the support from people on the streets (and in the mall ;). Way to evade the enforcers! Lucky break this time, good teamwork, lookouts, timing etc. Cheers.

by the way 22.Jan.2005 11:40


Friendly Dave -glad ya liked it. A good first experience, eh? Good luck on yer next ride!

Bicycles were First on Roads. 23.Jan.2005 19:20

The "Treksta". Treksta820@yahoo.com

Greetings fellow Cyclist Revolutionaries. It was truly great to be a part of history, and a real American REvolution. Bicycles were first on the roads of the 1890's, during the Golden Age of Bicycles. The good roads movement was started by Cyclists, and Bicycles inspired Planes, better roads, The Highway system, and even Cars. Today's Motorists have no idea about that, and ignorantly give us grief. Also, did you know that Gas stations used to be Bicycle service stations back in the 1890's? And, Believe it or not, Henry Ford's Motor company used to manufacture Bicycles. Mrs. Ford drove an electric car. Ford got his manufacturing idea for his cars from using his existing Bicycle making system. Imaging riding a Ford Bicycle.
Just a bit of history for you.


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