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Rally at courthouse tomorrow (1/21) noon

Rally tomorrow at noon at the courthouse to support the people still being held
I kinow that there were arrests at the gas station, and that there was also at least one person arrested near the end of the march. There will be a rally to show support for and solidarity with those people who got arrested today. We can't just forget about them, show up at the courthouse at noon tomorrow (1/21) to show your support.

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RALLY DETAILS 21.Jan.2005 00:01

contacf(at)j20pdx.net contacf(at)j20pdx.net

Rally tomorrow at noon at the downtown courthouse / justice center (1120 SW 3rd Ave or right around there) to support the people still being held and greet those getting out.

There will be an emergency meeting tommorrow night at the Cascadia Rising infoshop 6:30pm at 1540 SE clinton --- we need lots and lots of help with things like fundraising for legal support. Please come and help support your comrades!!

We believe at least 15 people were arrested, mostly at the Chevron action (check  http://portland.indymedia.org for more details about this action and arrestees as they emerge).
Support the arrestees!
Support the arrestees!

you should 21.Jan.2005 09:10

take an

Affinity group or 2 and get inside Ka2u.

reporters, i mean korporate lackies - wont come to the kort house.