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Mike D?

Should I know him?
While I'm glad to hear that he is OK , can someone please tell mewho Mike D is?

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Good ? 20.Jan.2005 20:22


I don't have a clue, dude

in the upper right 20.Jan.2005 20:27

indy reader

there's a search box.

in it type:

mike d


mike dee

and click search.

you'll find more than you can read tonight.

thanks 20.Jan.2005 20:38



Becareful who you blindly follow ? sheeple 21.Jan.2005 09:17

Ask the europeans about agents ?

Ask the europeans about agents

Folks, spend some time getting to know who your comrades and cell mates are. Mr D has a unusual habit of getting arrested for nothing ? A tool used by interpol to sweep their informants off the streets during and before actions, who then point out key figures to be taken in. These planted activists are then released after actions back into the activist communities to growing community acclaim each time they are arrested. Remember these agents can be planted and spend years working as moles. Unfortunately there are alot of us who have not shaken off our need of leadership figures, and this weakness can open us to letting moles in..?....Don't be paranoid,be secure

MikeD not a leader, dumbass 21.Jan.2005 12:10

one who knows

Mike D is not at all heralded as a leader. Furthermore, if he was a cop then the pigz would be a lot more accurate in who they target. As of late, when they make arrests at protests they hardly ever luck out and grab an influential person. They seem to just be grabbing random kids that most folks don't know.

Everybody has their theories as to why he's so targeted. Some speculate that the cops think he is arab, some say the cops think he is a leader. I think maybe it was something like that originally, but I think it's an ongoing joke or tradition now. I know it's a running joke among activists. I'm sure most have heard the phrase, "It's not a 'real' protest unless MikeD gets arrested". I can't think of a protest worth being at that MikeD didn't get arrested at.

As far as the hair thing, I don't think it's that they just hate his hair. It's that his hair is easily identified. The rest of us can hide our hair, faces, skincolor. He can't. If he tried to cap that shit it would be a massive kneck breaking beehive coming off the back of his head. So while they can't totally figure out who are the regulars among the rest of us, MikeD sticks out.

Also a lot of this is a game of how much funding can the police get. Bush wants all "terrorists"(political dissent) routed out, Portland pigz want jobs. So if they want all those federal dollars, they gotta fabricate some "terrorists". The more "terrorists", the more federal dollars. MikeD is an easy person to create a history on because he's at all the protests and easily identified.

Mr. Mike 21.Jan.2005 16:04


Mike D is targeted, and he's a known activist. The police tried to make him out to be a leader at his last trial. It was a hoot. Apparently, they had ordered him to disperse the crowd, and he didn't do so. They were pissed.

Seriously, though, Mr. Mike has had so many charges that I think they just pick him up on technicalities whenever they see him--often technicalities related to past events.

Mike D the muso.. 08.Feb.2005 05:59


Well I don't suppose you mean the member of the Beastie Boys Mike D? No, I guess not.

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