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3:30 @ Burnside & Park Ave. -Hundreds Gathered Already

Suggestion to those on the way...
I was just down there and noticed the large amounts of cars on Burnside having to stop for the pedestrians crossing at the 2 crosswalks right in front of the gathered crowd...
Now if large groups decided to legally cross the street, quite a bit of traffic would be legally held up. And if the flow were able to sustain itself...well you kids know where I'm going with this!

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Great idea! 20.Jan.2005 16:04


I love to block traffic, especially if I won't get arrested for it. Just make sure that the cops, the ones in the unmarked white Chevy Suburban parked across the street, don't see you do it more than twice!

yes, lets piss everyone off 20.Jan.2005 16:31


That sounds like a great idea to me. Block traffic, keep people from getting home, or possibly to visit a loved on to the hospital. That will make them listen to you. Hmm, maybe not. Maybe it will just piss them off and they will focus on your tactics instead of your _MESSAGE_. You do not promote your ideas and opinions by pissing off the people you are trying to reach to. Maybe that's just my opinion.

Realist guy 20.Jan.2005 16:59


What do you think the march is going to do...block traffic and piss off anyone trying to get home from work.
It's a tactic to get mainstream media's attention and to have some fun. What do you think this whole protest is really going to accomplish? Mr. Real?

a citizenry awash in willful ignorance 20.Jan.2005 17:11

purposeful protest

So let us understand, the purpose of protest is not to change people's minds or force them to listen. People do not want to listen to divergent views, nor are they being encouraged to do so. Trying to change a message into one that some may think is more likely to be listened to is a fundamentally flawed and wasted endeavor. If people do not want to listen, and they don't, than they won't. So, why then demonstrate? Perhaps for no other reason than to demonstrate that people did understand what was happening and took a stand against it. That is the only reason, not to change people's minds or get people to listen but to demonstrate their awareness and make a stand. The louder that message is heard the netter off we will all be.

Let us glance back into our history about 2 years ago when the Bush administration was busy lying about how they had no plans to invade Iraq. People did not want to hear about what would happen as a result of the war, that it would be a quagmire, that the Iraqi people would rise against the occupation, that the US military would be there indefinitely as an occupation force. They did not want to hear of alternative ways to remove Hussein from power without a military invasion and occupation, something the US government is quite adept at, or how Hussein would have been removed form power in 1991 in the US hadn't backed him against uprisings, or how Hussein was not a threat to the US and had been successfully contained. They didn't want to listen, some still don't. Demonstrating didn't force people to listen, it just forced people to take notice that there were people who saw what was coming, just as people today see what is coming, and decided that they needed to take a stand.

Disrupting commerce is, of course, what led to the US revolution and this experiment with democracy. It would be a shame to turn our backs on that legacy.

keep 'em rollin 20.Jan.2005 17:11

Ferrick Doxworthy

yeah, keeping traffic flowing is far more important than
exercising your right to dissent.

Gotta keep those trucks supplying Starbucks and Ungar Furs rolling
at any cost, including busting heads of protesters...

TO: Block traffic, keep people from getting home, or possibly to visit a loved on to the hospital:

No-one like you seems to mind when Bush or Cheney's visits to PDX close freeways, block sidewalks/roads, ad nauseum.

Protest PoPo's way (or else) 20.Jan.2005 17:35

Condoleeza Nice

LAME-ASS PoPo orchestrated protest.

Look-up in the sky and wave if you're down there. PoPo has wings tonight.

Pro-Bush counter protesters? I wonder if they have Secret Service Protection.

about thes PoPo helicopters 20.Jan.2005 18:01

do you remember

when Bush started the Iraq war in 2003 and the demonstrations here rolled on for days?

Under Max Cracker (Mark Kroeker) he had so many helicopters flying around that a couple
almost hit each other over the Nordstrom Bldg and Pioneer Squire. NOW...that would have
been a screw-up to remember.

I don't think they'll (meaning the PoPo) will be quite so stupid under Potter, nor will
such heavy-handed overreach be tolerated by the few bad apples (or a lot...depending on
one's perspectives, of course) as they were under the Katz-Kroeker midAdministration.

WE THE PEOPLE shall soon see before this night is over, shan't we????????????

When and when not to block traffic. 20.Jan.2005 19:59


There are times when obstructing traffic is productive, and times when it is counter-productive. When a protest becomes so large, and a march is organized, then all sorts of people can participate, and block traffic. When a protest is small, blocking traffic needelessly, can work against the purpose of the protest; which is to include all those who wish may come, and, not act as a deterrent for those who may fear police action, or fear being associated with anarchist recklessness or worse.

I'd like to here about the women who locked themselves to gas pumps. Their protest, No War for Oil. And, I wish knew of a local chat room.

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