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One arrest at PSU Students for Unity

One Arrest at PSU.
One arrest was witnessed at the PSU park blocks where Students for Unity is holding an anit-inaguration carnival/rally. Officer Marty Rowley was on scene as well as 15-20 bike cops. No information on the cause of the arrest.

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That picture 20.Jan.2005 15:16


alot like Mike D. IS there any new information on this?

Rowley sucks 20.Jan.2005 15:48


Rowley is a bitter vindictive little little man. I hope if it's Mike D. they didn't hurt him. I hope Rowley drops dead. Screw Foxworth for giving that sadist more power.

leave the poor guy alone 20.Jan.2005 15:58

at work

why can't they leave mike D alone. this is ridiculous...

Marty Rowley suffers from the 20.Jan.2005 16:07

LITTLE MAN syndrone

and the badge/gun/"osiffer" title makes him a BIG MAN...that's all it is!

Of course, those who've ever tried to carry on a conversation with him, will note that there is a diminished intellect that surely has something to do with it all too.

If he doesn't have an audience of fellow "osiffers" to play to, then he isn't so bad!

the poor fellow in the long black hair that they've 20.Jan.2005 20:15


is harmless...he actually is an OK-guy. What has these PoPigs pissed is the long hair!

They just can't stand "nonconformity"...it get's to be a bug in their ass everytime!

foxworth 20.Jan.2005 21:17

Den Mark, Vancouver

I feel sad that Portland is stuck with foxworth. He is worthless. He has no standards. He's promoted & rewarded lots of mentally ill, mentally challenged cops, like rowley & kruger. Maybe the state police should take over the ppb. foxworthless should follow kroeker. Bunch of sick idiots.

What?! 21.Jan.2005 04:22


Of COURSE Mike D is an OK guy. He's an incredible guy. Of course, they didn't have a valid reason for arresting him... he wasn't sacrificing kittens or anything...

it IS the dreads, man. They think he who has the longest dreads has the most power. OBVIOUSLY Mike Dee is our LEADER!!


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