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An old woman speaks

I am old now and I have never seen a more dangerous time. I am going down to march with the Code Pink ladies because we all need to get out away from the TV and other narfarious machines that take away our humanity. It is time to go downtown and make community.
I am old. My body aches. My mind teeters on hopelessness. My heart is sad. I cannot begin to tell you how I grieve for the loss of the children and the loss of the future. And, still I rise...

come down town and be with the true connected village of inspired and courageous humans. Break the spell. let the truth be known that we are all connected. What you do to one, you do to all.

Get up and away from the machines and their masters...
join us at the table of community. We are not evil, we are healthy.

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Bless you, sister. 20.Jan.2005 22:42

Sore Feet

I saw many people out there today, some very young and others old. Thanks to everyone. Solidarity is a beautiful thing.

keep rising up! 21.Jan.2005 12:13

peace rebel girl

i think that it is the young people and the elders who have a lot to give and say at protests - keep risin' up and thank you for your imput. I'd love to hear your reactions/feelings/thoughts post-protest.