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Download police photos before protesting

This is the Portland Police Deck's most recent version. There is one error (killer cop that murdered James Perez is no longer with the PPB) and one minor error (Brute cop/confirmed Nazi/Mercury's most rotten) has been promoted to Lt.

These local cops are dangerous, print the deck out and carry it with you.
One of many cops to watch out for
One of many cops to watch out for

If the link does not work due to volume, the page it is on (it is at the BOTTOM, older versions are at top, which include several cops that are no longer threats)  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/05/287639.shtml

You can print this in color and make the playing cards, or just print it out on 8x10 sheets and use it as a foldable reference. If you get photos of the few cops we are missing today, please post them on Indymedia so we can update.

IF A COP ACTS OUT TODAY, NOMINATE HIM/HER FOR THE DECK! We can include newer officers if the older ones are deemed by a vote to be less of a threat.

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thanks there folks 20.Jan.2005 12:45


I'm sure we'll see most of these thugs out today ((except those that went to DC)). Thanks a lot

missing cards from the deck 20.Jan.2005 13:04


hopefully, the missing cards who volunteered their/our services to assist the 'world leader' during his million dollar parade, are freezing their asses off, been pelted with a few eggs and suffer from severve food posioning from eating too many fatty donuts. I am sure the remaining thugs will be waiting our voices and repress us in every way they can. RESIST