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ABC News: "Bush is getting more protest than he wants"

ABC News w/ Peter Jennings are covering the protestors as the pin-head motorcade moves through the streets.
It appears that the president is getting a good dose of protest and it is reported that he is getting more that he really wants. Sounds down Pennsylvania Ave. "sounds more antagonistic than friendly" says Jennings.

And many things have been thrown at the motorcade. I imagine eggs and any other rotten fruit, vegitable or food is in high demand this day in the D.C. area.

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I was watching CNN briefly 20.Jan.2005 12:38


And the microphone was by the protesters. As the motorcade went by you could very clearly hear one man "FUCK BUSH!!" Over and over he yelled it until they broke away for some "technical problems".
See everyone this afternoon!!!

Somebody say Bananna Republic 20.Jan.2005 12:39


"Motorcade looks like something of a Bananna Republic" that was the words of ABC News correspondents as they look on to this "military operation".

Too funny 20.Jan.2005 12:53

watching this dictators reinstallation

I checked out CNN for live footage. That fascist is sooo scared of the people. Hilarious. Unity my ass.

See you in the streets.

half and half 20.Jan.2005 13:07


even cnn was reporting that a poll taken said that the country was 49% and 49% viewing bush as a divider and a uniter, this country is in half even accourding to the mega corporate media!

making it uncomfortable? 20.Jan.2005 14:07


Well, I am heading out to join the protest myself. I just wanted to say that my mood is currently one of general hopelessness. So we make the big powerful crazy rich guy uncomfortable for a few hours. What exactly will that change? I find it hopeful that this many of us see how wrong things are, but how do we make the jump from seeing that to changing it? See you all there.

Coronation Of George II 20.Jan.2005 14:22


Pages of pictures of the Emperor's Coronation.

See also:
No More Wars!  http://www.non-intervention.net

49 49 20.Jan.2005 17:03

Spastica Rex

49% think bush is a uniter
49% think Bush is a divider

That's really amusing because it's exactly the same as saying 49% are correct and %49 are delusional.


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