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Goofy Oregonian Headline

Silly Street Final Oregonian headline.
Anyone notice the big headline on the front page of the Oregonian Street Final yesterday?
"Rice OK'd after grilling."
Bring on the won ton soup!

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I heart capitalism 20.Jan.2005 13:10


Did anyone else catch that Republican from tennessee during Rice's deal talking about how "we need to keep forgein students coming to this country so we can keep a hold on the 6% of the world controling more than 25% of the wealth of the world? It's was so fucking blatently amazing.

Mmmm.... 20.Jan.2005 13:59


I loves me some fried Rice....those poor Oregonian writers have probably been dying to make a pun about her name for YEARS now....

I've got a good one, too 20.Jan.2005 17:40


One of my favorites was, "Prospective Beavers buyer whets Portland's interest." Having Beaver and "whet" in the same sentence is just too funny.

And btw, they are not "poor Oregonian writers." Do not have pity on them. They choose to work for the corp. media, and they are far from poor, in the money sense.

When I said poor.... 20.Jan.2005 18:33


I meant that they were mentally impoverished by being shackled to the greyfaced corporate media and its "standards and practices" and that they probably long for humor the way a starving man longs for bread.

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