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J20 Breaking News Archive

this is where we're saving all the breaking news items from today's breaking news.
breaking news - January 20
8:44PM PST:Reports of around 15 arrests today, 1 release. People are planning a rally tomorrow at the courthouse. [ MORE INFO ]
8:16PM PST:It appears the police used large bolt cutters to cut the locks. Not the blow torch, they are still idiots.
8:13PM PST:The police may be using an open flame to cut the people locked to a GAS PUMP out with a BLOW TORCH. Perhaps the police are fucking idiots. At least the put welding masks on the women locked down.
8:10PM PST:At the Chevron, the police have surrounded the parking lot, sent in officers in a straight line. About 8 people have been arrested, four more should still be arrested. There are about 80 people watching.
8:07PM PST:The police are arresting people at the Chevron station. 50-60 cops are mauling about ten people, dragging them away for arrest. Situation not good.
7:58PM PST:The situation at the park, near Terry Schrunk is done. One person was arrested at the march, it appeared to be a 'willing' arrest. The street is now clear.
7:46PM PST:GDC: Have been in contact with Mike D. and he has been released and given a courtdate.
7:44PM PST:Police are going to ask everyone to leave the Chevron and are going to arrest anyone who doesnt leave. The police are currently moving in.
7:43PM PST:Cops have encircled the Chevron, and are coming in with Riot Gear and all kinds of other gear. There are still 50-60 people at the Chevron and many folks across the street.
7:26PM PST:The manager has said people need to leave the gas station. Corporate media are roving like the vultures they are. People locked down have locked their necks and arms to gas pumps.
7:22PM PST:The two women that are locked to the gas pumps, are there because they do not agree that folks should have to die for oil.
7:14PM PST:About 100 people occupying the Chevron station.
7:10PM PST:A caller feels that the police never had the intention to clear the streets, that they just wanted to exercise control over the public.
7:09PM PST:Most of the people at the park have left, still many police blocking the street. There intentions to clear the streets, havent happened, as they occupy it. Traffic is still not moving.
7:07PM PST:At Columbia and Broadway, some people in front of a Chevron station. People are chanting 'This is What Democracy Looks Like' as they shut down the gas station.
6:52PM PST:GDC reports two arrested at 3rd and Salmon, a man and a woman.. Urges people to get more details.
6:43PM PST:Police have ordered people off the sidewalk into the park. There are many varieties of police there now.
6:37PM PST:At least 100 riot cops. The Ice Cream Truck keeps announcing that people must clear the streets. The only people in the streets are police. An activist on the street is megaphoneing the police to get off the street, so traffic can move.
6:34PM PST:Riot cops getting very aggressive in fron of the courthouse. One cop has his gun out and is pointing it at people. One person was arrested and then got away.
6:18PM PST:The march has been directed off the street into the park, 1 block from Terry Schrunk Plaza. There are still many folks in the streets. Caller feels 500 or more people are around in the park.
5:59PM PST:Police state 'continue heading south and rejoin your state sanctioned parade.' Police are pushing people back, police force is growing.
5:58PM PST:Police line was challenged. The protestors are retreating. Riot cops may be suiting up by Hawthrone bridge. Riot cops near Morrison bridge are pushing people back. The ice cream truck is there.
5:48PM PST:The Morrison Bridge has been shut down. Caller thinks that all the marches have linked up and feels about 1000 people.
5:40PM PST:At 2nd and SW Main, there are many officers outside the police bureau to prevent the storming of the building. Caller states there are 'well over 2000' people.
5:32PM PST:At SW 2nd and Clay, caller states 1000 people. The riot cops are out, but not on the street.
5:26PM PST:At 5th and Columbia, there is a spirited crowd heading toward the waterfront. About 500 people there. Letting cars through and 'not challenging anything.'
5:11PM PST:'Fair and Balanced' TV Coverage, says pro bush folks are at Pioneer Square, about 30 of them. And Mayor Tom Potter was out at the protest, checking it out. If you witness police harassment call Jail support.
4:52PM PST:There are around 500-600 people on the Couch side of the North Park Blocks. There is a speaker there. The SFU carnival has converged on the Park Blocks. And the Labor march made it as well.
4:50PM PST:An arrest has just happened at Burnside and Park, while crossing the crosswalk. GDC is keeping track of both arrestees, and the GDC Rocks!
3:53PM PST:About 250 people at the IWW Hall, will be marching over Burnside Bridge to the N. Park Blocks.
3:41PM PST:250-300 people at N Park Blocks. The Code Pink March is there, they are waiting for the labor march coming from the IWW Hall. There are many police out.
2:16PM PST:There has been reports of one arrest in downtown Portland. Caller has not revealed the name, some think it is Mike D. [ newswire article ]
11:41AM PST:Action is over at KATU building. Protestors are moving to another action.
11:28AM PST:People at KATU are chanting "Corporate Media is Scared!" [ pdx indy article ]
11:25AM PST:The group that went into KATU was 'Subvertical.' THey went to drop a press release and the KATU folks 'ripped it up.' One of the protesters is showing the pieces to the other press.
11:18AM PST:KOIN (6) and KBOO news are interviewing protesters at KATU protest. Heated debate about protesting media organizations. Corporate media is a disease. Indymedia is a cure.

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It's 2:40pm...Where's new info? 20.Jan.2005 14:39


Where is the new info? Nothing new is posted and the folks on the radio are talkin petty white boy banter....what are the folks on the street doin?

Who??? 20.Jan.2005 20:06


While i was relieved to find out he was OK, can someone please tell me who Mike D is?

Hmm... 21.Jan.2005 00:44


"At least 100 riot cops. The Ice Cream Truck keeps announcing that people must clear the streets. The only people in the streets are police. An activist on the street is megaphoneing the police to get off the street, so traffic can move."

... I believe that was me. The police responded with "get off of the sidewalk, you're blocking the sidewalk" from the Ice-Cream truck. People moved off of the sidewalk onto the grass, until there was physically no place to move.

It is also worth mentioning that protesters were blocking one street. After protesters moved into the park, police occupied three streets (one-ways that run through downtown).

It is also woth mentioning that I stepped in a huge pile of horse-shit, and I should probably take these shoes off.