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Portland Morning Banner Drops

The Association for Cascadian Liberation successfully dropped banners from several bridges around Little Beirut between 8 and 10 am, despite heavy police presence.
Police presence was especially heavy in the close-in East side of Portland during the mornuing rush-hour so one drop site was scrapped.
The first banner, dropped from the Burnside Bridge reminded workers travelling on I-5 south and the I-84 exit of the "General Strike Against Bush, Not One Damn Dime." It was well recieved, though it had been removed by 10am.
Two "Cascadia Now" banners urging the immediate separation of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia from the federal governments in DC and Ottawa, and formation of the nation of Cascadia were also dropped. The first above I-405 near PSU, and the second on the Alberta St. overpass in North Portland.
The ACL does not condone freeways or fossil fuels, but recognizes the fact that many citizens travel them, and therefore they are a good venue for spreading a message.
Cascadia Now, United and Free. End federal dominance in the Pacific Raincoast.

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bush, suck it! 20.Jan.2005 12:55



right on cascadians! 20.Jan.2005 13:02


Good to see action! long live cascadian self-detrmination!

photos? 20.Jan.2005 14:17


did anyone get photos?

someone who goes to the effort to do this hopefully had enough forethought to set up photos.

Photos Tomorrow 20.Jan.2005 21:15

Citizen Joe Meek, Association for Cascadian Liberation

Photos of the banner will be posted here tomorrow morning. Viva Cascadia

photos 21.Jan.2005 09:12


we weren't able to get any of the third banner, as i was acting as scout, driver, and photographer.
general strike banner, the night before
general strike banner, the night before
the general strike banner dropped from the burnside bridge
the general strike banner dropped from the burnside bridge
the cascadia now banner dropped over 405 near psu
the cascadia now banner dropped over 405 near psu

photos 21.Jan.2005 11:55


i tried posting photos a few hours ago, they still haven't show up yet (obviously).
i'll wait a while longer, assuming heavy site traffic is the cause for delay, then post them again.

why drop and split? 21.Jan.2005 18:39

timid tim

I thought it was legal to display banners just so long as you were there to hold them. Is there some law I don't know about? I figure it would be better to save the sheets for future use, which you could do if you still had the sheets after the drop.

It is legal to hold banners 21.Jan.2005 23:48


To the best of my knowledge it is legal to hold banners, but leaving them on-site constitutes littering or some such.

Great actions all, and props to everyone who hit the streets and everyone who is awake for this madness.

Congratulations Portland! 22.Jan.2005 11:30

happy activist

I'm up in WA, checking out the indi media from all over, thanks so much Portland Anarchists and others who are willing to go out on the line and shake things up! I'm so proud of you! From a fellow direct action lover.

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