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KATU action-F*ck the Corporate Media

20 or so protesters walked into the KATU building to tell them that their coverage of the inauguration sucks.
Protesters just went to KATU to chastize the corporate media's biased reporting of the inauguration. The protestors were trying to deliver a press release to KATU which was ripped up in a dramatic fashion by KATU to make a point. Employees at KATU physically tried to remove the protestors. The protesters left after the police and other "news" stations like KOIN 6 and KBOO arrived to inquire why the protesters were "shooting the messenger."

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Hmm... 20.Jan.2005 11:52


Because the "Messenger" rewrites and distorts the message and/or news. Simple.

how depressing 20.Jan.2005 12:28

Cullen Pearcy

I want to cry.

This "messenger" is the guardian of our society's sleep and nightmare!!! 20.Jan.2005 12:38

Action Commendable: here's some truth about the in lying

"Those who are always watching to see what happens next will never act: such must be the spectator's condition."

"Once one controls the mechanism which operates the only form of social verification to be fully and universally recognized, one can say what one likes. The spectacle proves its arguments simply by going round in circles: by coming back to the start, by repetition, by constant reaffirmation in the only space left where anything can be publicly affirmed, and believed, precisely because that is the only thing to which everyone is witness. Spectacular power can similarly deny whatever it likes, once, or three times over, and change the subject; knowing full well there is no danger of any riposte, in its own space or any other.

"For the agora, the general community, has gone, along with communities restricted to intermediary bodies or to independant institutions, to salons or cafes, or to workers in a single company. There is no place left where people can discuss the realities which concern them, because they can never lastingly free themselvese form the crushing presence of media discourse and of the various forces organized to relay it."

"With the destruction of history, contemporary events themselves retreat into a remote and fabulous realm of unverifiable stories, uncheckable statistics, unlikely explanations and untenable reasoning . For every imbecility presented by the spectacle, there are only the media's professionals to give an answer, with a few respectful rectifications or remonstrations. And they are hardly extravagent, even with these, for besides their extreme ignorance, their personal and professional solidarity with the spectacle's overall authority and the society it expresses makes it their duty, and their pleasure, never to diverge from that authority whose majesty must not be threatened. It must not be forgotten that every media professional is bound by wages and other rewards and recompenses to a master, and sometimes to several; and that everyone of them knows he is dispensable."

Guy Debord 1988 from Comments on the Society of the Spectacle

Viva Indymedia!
Participate not Spectate
The messenger in this case is the guardian of our society's sleep and nightmare!!!
For more on the reality we face today read
Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle
and Comments on the Society of the Spectacle
BASTA! brother's and sister's, BASTA!

The Noise and the News 20.Jan.2005 17:10

Ruthie Rader

Dan Gladden, a former Major League ballplayer for the Minnesota Twins once remarked that: "A lot of Major League ball is choreographed and staged."

So, from my vantage point, was the presidential inauguration and some of the network news coverage of it today.

NBC did everything but lick George Bush's shoes, ABC ran a boring play-by-play ["...and here comes the motorcade"] and CBS [remember CBS?] did a fair job of covering the protesters ["...it appears that someone threw a round, orange object at one of the Secret Service agents...possibly a piece of fruit"] and Fox mystified me when it opted-out.

I didn't catch the "local" coverage of the Bushman's latest La-dee-Da.

But if all four of the local stations [What? Me WB?] covered the doings in DC today half as well as they did the recent "winter blast" then it's all good.

But did they?

And will the protestors in here in Portland accomplish their goal today?

I suppose they made more of a constructive impact than those who emptied a fruit bowl on the men in black in DC.

A previous poster declared:"There is no place left where people can discuss the realities which concern them."

But then, in the midst of the noise of the protests from North Park Blocks, Oregon to Pennsylvania Avenue, District of Columbia one fact remains constant:

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword.

The pomp and circumstance surrounding George Bush didn't hide the truth today. The shouts of protestors Nationwide didn't change the truth, either. But I think that one option will: WRITING.

That's why sites like this one exist. That's why so many people blog. That's why pod and mob-casting [something that I plan to become a part of] will be popular in the future.

Words are POWERFUL.

Do you really want to make a point with the US political system? Do you want honest, impartial media coverage?

Forget the sword.

Say it...don't fillet it.

Take your stand in print.

On Mainstream News 20.Jan.2005 18:21


Hey, I heard you guys on 1190 AM. Really cool! I hate to admit that I listen to commercial radio, but I learn a lot from it. Plus, the commercial news is more likely to carry the sensational details of protests. Anyway, they mentioned the Subverticles and aired two of their comments.

what's that? 22.Jan.2005 11:31


Wadya mean "KBOO arrived to inquire" etc. ?

The Belly of the Beast 25.Jan.2005 11:48


this action was commendable indeed ! it is precisely the kind of action that needs to happen purposefully and often : attacking the beast in its belly.
the image is something like a worm working its way into the guts of a great and powerful beast. the worm is ignored until the beast recognizes that it is being destroyed from the inside out !

WORM PEOPLE UNITE ! and add me to your ranks.

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