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Bush Wrong About Iraq's WMD's

The Empire has given us much mumblings about trying
Saddam Hussein as a "war criminal and a threat to
world security", to appease the U.S. public, but in
reality, George II will greet Saddam Hussein with
open arms, proclaiming "Welcome Back, Saddam!"
Bush and Hussein remain the best of friends
Bush and Hussein remain the best of friends
Bush and Hussein -- Best Friends To The End

In 2002, the United Nations Security Council had
ordered Iraq to produce a detailed report about
all of its weapons of mass destruction.
Iraq produced an 11,800 page report about Iraq's
weapons programs, which described all of the
WMD the country once had -- where they had come
from and what was done with them -- as well as
Iraq's nuclear weapons program.

The Empire's Royal Agents intercepted the U.N.
report, and proceeded to edit about 2/3 of the
report, 8,000 pages, before allowing the report
to be sent to the United Nations Security Council.

A reporter from Germany obtained a copy of the
original report from Iraq, and he compared it to
the condensed copy the Empire released to the U.N.
The missing pages described how Iraq had obtained
chemical and biological weapons from the U.S., the
delivery of non-fissionable materials for a nuclear
bomb by the U.S. to the Iraqis, and the training of
Iraqi nuclear scientists at U.S. nuclear facilities
in Los Alamos, Sandia, and Berkeley.

Iraq once had chemical and biological weapons, but
most of those weapons were destroyed at the end of
Gulf War 1, with the rest being destroyed under the
supervision of U.N. weapons inspectors.
Iraq also had a program to develop nuclear weapons,
but some of those facilities were destroyed in Gulf
War 1, and the rest were destroyed in cooperation
with the U.N. weapons inspectors.

Hans Blix, former U.N. weapons inspector, said the
Iraq report was true, that Iraq no longer had WMD.

Colon Bowel dismissed the report, calling it a
"catalogue of recycled information and flagrant
omissions", and of course, the information was
"recycled" and the omissions "flagrant" because it
was true, with U.S. officials doing the recycling
and omitting.

Like a broken record, George II and Court told us
over and over again, that Saddam Hussein was a
liar, he was dragging his feet, that Iraq had lots
of WMD, that Iraq was a threat to the free world,
that Saddam had links to al-Qaeda and Usama bin
Laden, among many other lies.

The so-called hunt for weapons of mass destruction,
which ended in December, turned up absolutely nothing.

Everything Saddam Hussein said about Iraq's weapons of
mass destruction was true, and everything George II
said about Iraq's WMD was a lie.

The Emperor and Court threw another lie to the wind
by saying that Saddam Hussein had "intent" to renew
his WMD programs, but the Bushites have consistently
refused to show the "evidence" of such an "intent."

The Iraqi WMD declaration of 2002, was rejected by
Emperor George II and Prince Tony Blair as nothing
more as "repackaged falsehoods."
However, the report produced by Iraq was totally
accurate, as opposed to the Empire's numerous
speculations, which cannot be substantiated.
Saddam Hussein has yet to be proven wrong about the
11,800 page report concerning WMD's.

Obviously Saddam Hussein was right, and George II
was wrong.
Saddam Hussein will be put on "trial for 'war
crimes'" while George II was re-selected as
the Emperor of Amerika.

It is ironic that the American public can trust the
words of Saddam Hussein more than they can trust the
words of George II.

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