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What OHSU expects from us today

Apparently OHSU thinks mass casualties and all-out mayhem will happen today...
Check out this email I received from our director of public safety at OHSU, Gary G.

>>> Gary Granger 1/13/2005 4:38:43 PM >>>
To All:

Local activists are planning a large day of protests and direct action (that means illegal activity) on inauguration day, Thursday, January 20, 2005. I've attached some PDF files copied from the IndyMedia site that provide many of the details.

In short, there are the following key risk factors for OHSU:
1. There is a substantial chance that traffic through the Downtown area will be disrupted before, during, and after the published time on the 20th, potentially causing delays for employees, patients, and emergency vehicle traffic.
2. There is a chance of mass casualties if protests turn violent. Since the action plan on the web explicitly calls for "direct action," the chance of this is high.
3. The Crown Plaza building is a focal point of the planned march and the advertised starting point for "unpermitted marches" and "assorted Direct Actions." If this happens as planned, it is almost certain that our staff will not be able to enter or leave the Crown Plaza facilities for several hours around this time. It is also possible that protestor actions could include throwing things into the windows of the building at ground level. I will work directly with Gary Kemp on some contingency plans related to my role. I urge the ITG group to try and minimize the need for staff in the facility to the lowest possible level and to make contingency plans related to this event.
4. Our construction cranes offer extremely attractive targets for use as "billboards" for the activists. By way of example, an environmental group occupied and hung a banner from a construction crane in Seattle, Washington, last year in an action completely unrelated to the construction project itself. The disruption and cost to the project, however, was substantial due to construction delays, re-certification of the crane, etc.

I have spoken with members of the JTTF in Portland and am told that they are planning for one of the largest activist event Portland has seen in years. The good news is they are planning for "the worst." The bad news is there will likely be problems.

If your operations may be impacted by this event, please take the appropriate actions and precautions. Here are a couple of specific areas/ideas:
1. Hospital: consider planning options for casualties from protest related activity, problems with ambulance traffic, alternate routes for employees to use coming to work, activating incident command with a "skeleton crew" that afternoon in case it is needed.
2. Ambulatory: consider possible delays to patients trying to access us from Downtown, including the freeway exits that may route people through the proposed route.
3. Logistics: consider routes you may use and the protest areas.
4. ITG plan to have limited or no access to Crown Plaza for several hours. Plan for dealing with broken windows and similar damage in the area.

Please contact me with questions or for additional planning.


Gary D. Granger
Director of Public Safety
Oregon Health & Science University
3310 SW US Veterans Hospital Road
Portland, Oregon 97239-2940
24-hour Phone: (503) 494-7744
Fax: (503) 494-4839

Remeber kids, don't disappoint Gary!

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Casualties? 20.Jan.2005 09:16



Does this duche bag know something we don't?

Perhaps his "conversation" with the PJTTF revealed more than just preperations.

Maybe the Jack-boot thugs are itchin' for a fight?


sorry guys, but this is a war of attrition.

I doubt that you will see your "mass casualties"...

as much as you vampires like to jerk of to the thought of violence and bloodshed I have a feeling that you will be sorely dissapointed.

Spot the spin... 20.Jan.2005 09:29

Tony Blair's dog

"direct action (that means illegal activity)"

No it does not.

I had a similar experience 20.Jan.2005 09:37

ex-university employee

Of course, it's nearly impossible to fire people from university positions but I had something similar happen at another university I worked at when one of the provosts had watched one too many action movies (or perhaps taken the nightly news as something besides entertainment). I wrote a response to the university administration about how inappropriate it was to spread misinformation and promote fear and panic and got the person reprimanded. This would seem to be a good course of action given a chief of security who seems to be more interested in scaring people than in providing security (hmmm, where I have I seen that before). Thanks for sharing strongbad since as AA noted, this reveals much about the PJTTF, to their discredit, and I'm sure will be used against them in the upcoming hearings.

And Gary, since I know you'll be following this thread, all I can tell you is that if I had any affiliation with OHSU I would ask the university for your resignation for gross incompetence.

Thanks For The Phone # 20.Jan.2005 09:58

I just made a call

I just called Gary. Of course he wasnt there, but I was able to leave a message on his voice mail. Might consider letting him know what you think

ohsu insecurity 20.Jan.2005 15:43


Was up at OHSU today for a little stroll with video camera. Took security at least a half hour before they even noticed. Was able to enjoy time in anonimity. Got some video of the usual suspects following and no doubt feeling secure with their patrol. Silly people. Thanks Gary.

A Message To Gary Deranged 20.Jan.2005 16:00

Chicken Little


Thanks 20.Jan.2005 19:21

An Avid Reader

Strongbad Thanks for sharing this piece of information with everyone. If you should ever have anything else you wish to divulge please contact me.

wasn't Granger appointed to be a member of 20.Jan.2005 20:22

the PJTTF?

if so, then this is like finding a BIG NUGGET of gold (settlement cash) for activist lawyers!
Can't believe these guys are that stupid to let their "communications" get out so easily?
Look's like the rumor's of the dumbasses being sent to PJTTF to get 'em out of the way of the
real cops is maybe spot on right? ha! ha! Folk's enjoy this...they're on the run--backtracking!
Certainly, you've got to see the rich humor in all of this? It is astoundingly F-U-N-N-Y!!!!!

From The Desk Of 21.Jan.2005 11:54

Gary Granger

To: I Just Made A Call
From: Gary Granger,Director Of Public Safety,OHSU

Dear Just,
My sincerest apologizes that I was not available to you when you phoned my office yesterday. As you probably already know, I was extremely occupied yesterday with my duties of keeping OHSU,patients and staff safe from terrorists. My cell phone was not working from my position on the roof tops.
Please accept my deepest regrets and to ensure this does not happen again in the future I will provide you with my personal home address; 5272 Tree Street, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035.
Hope to hear from you soon.
I'm The Man,
Gary Granger

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