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DC Indy Down?

Anyone else unable to access DC Indymedia?
Perhaps there is a bit of backlash?

Or maybe it is absolutely benign and I am assuming the worst.

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i just tried dc imc 20.Jan.2005 09:00


It looks down....hopefully temporary

pdx imc is hosting breaking news from dc so keep checking!

technical problems 20.Jan.2005 09:03


there are technical problems...people are already working on it.

not just you 20.Jan.2005 09:07


I also tried and I am way out in the hinter regions. Like you, I wonder if HLS has a hand in it. Paranoia is now Patriotism, I guess. Bummer. I read on Corp news that the demonstrations are "quiet". I doubt that, and want first hand information, but with DC indy down.....

Yeah... 20.Jan.2005 09:11


I read that there was a vigil with 300 people and coffins drapped in black and the flag.


for now.

back up! 20.Jan.2005 09:21


dc imc is up and runnin ...

Wish I was therej 20.Jan.2005 10:21


C-span 2 is covering only one "approved" protest group,A.N.S.W.E.R. Lots of other groups who are there are not covered, until IMC gets their coverage out. Waiting for stories from IMC.

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