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Indigo Movie Premiers January 29

New Thought Ministries of Oregon is proud to sponsor the Spiritual Cinema movement in Oregon, by hosting the Premier Showing of the movie INDIGO, 7:00 PM, Saturday, January 29th at Beaverton's Valley Theater.
INDIGO is a film about the intuitive and healing powers of a new generation of psychic and gifted children. Since the World Premiere of INDIGO at the Santa Fe Film Festival late last year, the buzz has been nothing short of amazing. The first showing of the film (in a five hundred seat venue) sold out in less than four hours, a first for the four-year-old festival. Three more screenings sold out the next day, and the film won the coveted Audience Choice Award over more than 200 other films.

This interest stems from the growing number of children who being born around the world who exhibit unusual and special gifts such as deep compassion, perception, healing and verbalizing the wish for world peace.

In broader perspective, INDIGO is about an imminent evolutionary leap by the human species which may be as dramatic as that from our Neanderthal to our Cro-Magnon predecessors. While that evolutionary advance was physiological, the present one is meta-physiological, a leap into more expansive consciousness. INDIGO is about the vanguard of this leap, the millions of "Indigo children" worldwide who are prototypes of the expansion in consciousness now underway.

Valley Theater, 9600 Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton

Saturday, January 29th, 2005 at 7:00pm.
Sunday matinee on Jan. 30th at 3 pm
Ticket cost: $10.00

Please bear in mind that we anticipate a sell out, so don't delay in ordering your tickets!

To order tickets (or for further information): call (503) 296-9922 or email  indigo@ntmo.org
Contact Person: Celeste Kennedy

Tickets may also be purchased at: New Renaissance Bookstore.

homepage: homepage: http://www.indigothemovie.com

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