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Vancouver WA

Actions In The 'Couve
Some of us are headed this morning to the Evergreen Blvd overpass, above the I-5, to show OUR colors, of Justice & Peace. Well be there at 7:30am. We'll next walk westward to Esther Short Park & meet below the clock tower, on Columbia & W 6th, for silence & a rally at 9am. We'll then dispurse to join Portland & Olympia thru the rest of the day. "We SHALL overcome!"

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We're Dispersed Now & Joining Up Elsewhere 20.Jan.2005 10:27

Den Mark

(I actually CAN spell "disperse". Sorry for the misspell above.)

Vancouver action was excellent. We had about twenty-six on the overpass with signs & banners & flags. Then we had nearly fifty in the Park, for visibility, singing, speeches, & silence. Now we've dispersed, to join Portland & Olympia. MAKE SIGHT & SOUND FOR FREEDOM!


. 20.Jan.2005 10:28

NW Paddler

Keep up the good fight!
Thank you for standing up for what you (we) all believe. I wish I could be there with you guys today.