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call KBOO with breaking news

Call KBOO's Press**Watch from DC
I'll be accepting calls from DC protesters (and others) at about 9:40 this morning on KBOO Community Radio. This is your chance to break the lapdog media's silence on this historic protest. Please call 503-231-8032 and let the engineer know if you are calling from the protests in Washington. I also need updates on last night's actions.

In solidarity


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KBOO and YOU 20.Jan.2005 08:19


correction: KBOO's air room number is 503-231-8187


jeez! 20.Jan.2005 09:18

theresa mitchell

Senility already! Christ Crispies!

Well anyway, thanks Moon (Earthan?)--it is 231-8187. I also hope to get calls from local actions if anything's cooking.