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Thursday's Events (1/20/2005) from the portland indymedia calendar

This is the list of events from the portland indymedia calendar. Please feel free to add other events as comments.

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Important addition 20.Jan.2005 07:18


4:00 The main march starts in the North Park Blocks on Burnside

MASS yer ASS after the march 20.Jan.2005 10:35


Don't forget Critical Mass afer the March (5-5:30) meeting at the end of the march! Terry Shrunk Plaza! Let's try to ride cop-less!

call the ride whatever you want 20.Jan.2005 13:06


But Critical Mass is a bike ride that happens on the last Friday of every month, in cities all over the world, and is a celebration of bicycling. Nothing more. CM is not a "protest", it's not an "anarchist ride" as the cops call it, it is not used to promote any political agenda. It is a once-monthly celebration of bicycling. Don't believe? Look into the film "We Are Traffic" on the history of CM, or one of the books about CM.