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Pick Your Battles - and the Battle is the War

"We are The One who we have been waiting for" but there is no power in our unity unless it is focused on a coherent message for social change that resonates with the entire community. There is a profound need to focus our collective passions on stopping the Iraq war.
I am concerned that the announcements for protest on J20 divide our community energy in too many directions... anti-Bush, anti-inauguration, anti-Forest Service, anti-FBI, anti-corporate media. All of these passions are represented in the protests scheduled tomorrow. I empathize with all of these. The community as a whole would not empathize with these things.

The key to any negotiation (particularly those seeking social change) is identifying the common truth that all viewpoints can support. There is one issue that - presented with unity and in the correct manner - can resonate with the majority of the community. That truth is the sanctity of human life.

Every day, we are killing people and our people are being killed. Every day, my tax dollars are paying for loss of life based on a premise that we now know was a lie. The polls show that the majority of Americans are starting to oppose the war. It's time for focus... It can and will resonate with folks now. The door is now open in a way that it wasn't when we all marched through the streets to try to stop this disaster.

We have to pick our battles. The environmental and political issues must wait for a while. Human lives are at stake and if we are overly diverse in our message, the public will too easily lose interest and classify us as "whacko's".

We must not be "anti". We must be "pro". We must be pro peace and human life. We must choose our battles. Our president could not.

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