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indytorrents.org now hosts Riot-Folk! music

Indytorrents, a website set up to facilitate the free sharing of independant media, now hosts the music that we all love: Riot-Folk!
Last week some riotfolk came through portland on a west coast tour and played two shows in portland. The first they played at Liberty Hall, a collectively run community space in North Portland. This was in conjunction with quite a few local acts as a benefit for portland books to prisoners. [ reportback ]

The next show the riotfolk played was at the IWW Hall, at 6th and Burnside. This show was more intimate and benefited the IWW Hall and the back2back cafe. [ pictures I audio ]

All of the music they brought with them is being made available for free download at indytorrents.org. Currently, you can download music from Ryan Harvey, Ethan Miller, Anna Roland, Tom Frampton, and Evan Greer. In short time, the music of Brenna Sahatjian and the show at the IWW Hall will be made available for download. Keep your eyes open.

There also exists a large backlog of videos from the resistance available for download, including a video of Ryan Harvey singing his song "Cops of the World" live in Sacramento during the 2003 WTO/USDA Ministerial.

If you already have a torrent client, then you know how to get this stuff! If not, the directions are pretty simple.

  1. Download a torrent client. Some good ones are: BitTornado or BitTorrent
  2. Install whichever one you downloaded.
  3. go to indytorrents.org and choose the "DL" link of the file you want to download
  4. a msg will come up asking you if you want to save to a disk or what you want to open it with. open it with the torrent client you just installed.
  5. the torrent client will open it and ask where to save it, choose a location.
  6. in the background, it will 'leech' the file from one of the machines that is sharing it, and when it is done, you can either close that little gray box, or leave it open and continue sharing the files with the hordes of people that will be listening to this stuff becasue it is absolutely amazing!!!
I just want to note that these directions are for PC's. And people should enjoy this stuff, and not be scared by the torrents, this is free sharing of information with your peers and in light of the regulations that the FCC wants to put on such things, it is best to exercise your rights now so you know what to fight for in the future!

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