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J20 Inauguration Protest -- GET AMBITIOUS!

People are calling (literally to talk radio shows), and sending letters & email, all over the country for a GENERAL STRIKE and total consumer boycott. What are you asking for? What are you trying to make happen?
If you don't foment revolution you can't complian.
J20 International General Strike & Bush Inauguration Day Protest (many links)
The first worldwide general strike in history.
Call in sick. Take a personal day.
Blockade the imperial procession.
Protests everywhere.


Please forward this along! Inauguration protest information -- January
20th, 2005
J20 - Anti-Inauguration Call-to-Action

Contact: www.inaugurationmedia.org
Radio Coordinator: Selina; 202-250-4939;  sel...@riseup.net
Photo and Print Coordinator: Nancy; 202-216-2817;
All Other Inquires: Chris; 202-413-2212;  chrisstr...@yahoo.com
Allison; 301-949-7639;  alli...@amp-photo.net

Independent Media Converges to Cover Bush Inauguration

We are contacting you as an important member of the independent media
community to ask you to participate in, support or promote independent
media coverage of the upcoming presidential inauguration in January.
>From Jan. 10 through Jan. 24, independent media makers will converge
the nation's capital to provide continuous coverage of the
inauguration through video, photography, radio, print, and web

We are a group of independent media makers in Washington, DC that has
formed to help facilitate and coordinate coverage of the inauguration.
For more information, please visit our website at
www.inaugurationmedia.org. A list of our needs follows at the end of
this letter, along with information on how to join out listserves.
Information about specific media projects during the inauguration will
be available on our website in the coming weeks.

If you are in the DC area or coming to town for the inauguration, we
ask you to contact us to help coordinate independent media coverage. We
intend to provide a media workspace with broadband Internet access,
telephones, a limited number of computers for public use and Internet
radio facilities. Although we will appreciate and request donations for
use of the space, no one who legitimately wants to use the space to
create independent media will be turned away.

If you cannot come to Washington for the inauguration, please help
promote and distribute the independent media that is produced. For
example, post a link to our website on your site. Repost or re-air
content produced during the inauguration. Use whatever forum you have
to discuss and promote the independent media produced during the
inauguration. Share this letter and the existence of our media center
with your readership, listenership, viewership, fellow journalists,
photographers, filmmakers, and writers. Also, consider sponsoring a
trip to Washington for someone else who wishes to create media.

Finally, we ask everyone to review the list of needs at the end of this
letter and help us however you can.

This year's election was won by a razor thin margin. Indeed, almost
half of those who voted did not vote for Bush. The same was true of the
last election. Despite this, the mainstream media provided almost no
coverage of the protests and general dissent surrounding the 2000
inauguration. We do not want this situation to occur again, and we are
determined to use our voices and the voices of others around the world
to ensure that independent messages are heard.

The success of delivering these messages depends upon how much unity we
can create in the world of independent media. One person acting alone
is one voice. Acting together, we are many voices, and can pool our
resources to rise above the din of the mainstream media. With your
assistance, we can ensure that the voice of independent media is heard
loud and clear.

Thank you for any support you can offer us.

DC Inauguration Media Group

We are a not-for-profit coalition of independent media makers working
on an entirely volunteer basis. Any money we receive in the form of
contributions will go directly towards supporting the creation and
distribution of independent media. A list of participants is available
on our website, www.inaugurationmedia.org.


Financial Contributions. Please consider making a financial
contribution of any amount. All contributions are tax-deductible
through the DC Independent Media Center. Complete information on how
to make on online or mail donation is listed at:

Equipment Donations. We are currently seeking equipment donations.
Items needed include working computers (preferably P3, G3 or better);
flat screen monitors; digital video cameras; 35mm or digital cameras;
digital audio recorders; flatbed or negative scanners; video tapes for
dubbing; digital audio tapes; hubs and routers; networking gear; table
and chairs. Equipment donations can be tax-deductible as well.

Translation Services. We need people to help translate content,
especially in the languages of Arabic, Spanish, and French.

Technical and Server Support. We need individuals with IT and
networking skills. We are also seeking additional servers to help host
the high volume of media we anticipate during the inauguration.

Archiving Support. We need individuals to help us archive media
produced during the inauguration.

Please join the following listserves to coordinate media coverage
during the inauguration:

General communication and announcements:
 imc...@indymedia.org (Join at

Tech coordination:  imc-dc-t...@indymedia.org (Join at

Video coordination:  imc-dc-vi...@indymedia.org (Join

Audio coordination:  imc-dc-au...@indymedia.org (Join

Call radio talk shows and write letters to the newspapers...


last updated:

The Shim Sham Maam wrote:
> General Strike - USA
> author: Fed Up
> General Strike
> Thursday
> January 20, 2005
> Inauguration Day
> Show George II, "The W", how much we support his reign, by supporting
> a General Strike on Thursday, January 20, 2005.
> We must show the world that we are not satisfied with "black box"
> voting, where there is no paper trail of the votes cast. Over 8,000
> votes in precincts of less than 700, voting machines counting
> backwards, misallocating the votes from Kerry to Bush. Dozens and
> dozens of instances of unquestionable vote fraud aided and abetted by
> Republicans both in the Corporate world and the Political.
> We must show that "We the People of the united States of America" are
> out here, are sovereign, and that we will no longer stand by while
> basic rights and liberties are ripped away from us like bloody
> swatches of skin.
> A "General Strike" means:
> No Economic Activity Whatsoever
> for examples (list not all inclusive):
> =B7 No buying gas
> =B7 No buying food
> =B7 No fast food
> =B7 No paying bills
> =B7 No use of US Postal Service
> =B7 No movies, Pay-Per-View, or video game rentals
> =B7 No taking public transportation
> =B7 No paying of tolls (bridge, turnpike, etc.)
> If we all, those who do NOT support the regime of George W. Bush (et
> al), stay away from any economic activity on Inauguration Day, we
> hurt his supporters in the most significant way - in their pocket
> books!
> Imagine, millions and millions of folks missing work, holding
> and not spending a dime that day (!!!). OhMyGod, the sky will fall!
> Repooplicans mobbing DC for the festivities, depending on the
> to be there serving them, and on Inauguration Day, everyone is
> marching to a different drum! Who will wipe their - - noses? Or
> laurels for them to rest upon?
> Of course, a person needing medical attention, or ongoing care (i.e.
> dialysis) is exempted.
> Otherwise, we need to Shut the Country Down on Inauguration Day! Get
> your family, your friends, your co-workers - women, men, black,
> WHATEVER! It doesn't matter your background; if you value your
> freedom, and want to resist the fascists who are taking control,
> Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike!
> reposted from Portland Indymedia

J20 FLASHMOBS #1 Bush Contributor Exxon/Mobil 01.Jan.2005 20:01

Depending on the number of participants in your city, two or more
flashmobs could descend on various locations and then converge with the
main counter-inaugural protest (before moving elsewhere).
Esso/Exxon/Mobil provides an internationally unifying group of
landmarks and could provide a clear link between Bush, corporations,
oil, war, and the system in general.
Flashmobs could be a great way to rally the troops. It may not be easy
but it's also not to late (and might be fun) -- so get busy, get
active, get revolting!

homepage: homepage: http://www.organiccollective.org

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Amazing... 18.Jan.2005 15:56


... this was posted yesterday. And it was quickly met with: [silence]

What? Everyone too busy working? Or something?

Seems to me that this is one of the better ideas on how to greet and fete our returning selected Emperor. Staging a massive collective sick-out would help getting to the protests on time... :-)

I'm down with this 19.Jan.2005 13:52


I already planned to take the day off, and will also not be buying anything. It's the least i can do....