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Sami in Palestine: Home

Well, Folks,
Thats it. I am back in the ol' USA. I am not sure if I can give any valuable insight at this point, I am just trying to readjust to this place, to calm the nagging voice that keeps telling me I should have stayed. Anyway, here I am, safe and sound, back where I started from. If anyone wants to arrange an event or a speaking engagement, just get a hold of me. Until then, whereever you are, keep working for justice, and take care of yourselves.
love, sami

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Thanks Sami! 17.Jan.2005 18:28


Good work.

sami 19.Feb.2005 20:38

student of mid east politics

Green line? when 5 arab nations chose to attack jewish survivors in 1948 2 weeks after the establishment of the green line, no one cared. when arab armies massed in 1967 to wipe out the green line palestinians didn't care. why do you