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SEIU 503, District 4 Endorses J20 March/Rally

1/15/05 - Medford, Oregon
District 4 Meeting
After the J20 flyers were passed out at our quarterly meeting one of our Assistant District Directors suggested that the event be officially endorsed. A motion was made, seconded and then the favorable and unanimous vote was taken.
(quick background) SEIU 503 is a statewide union local of the Service Employees International Union, the largest union in the United States representing 1.6 million workers. Local 503 is a mix of mostly state, but also local gov't and private non-profit employees and our collective numbers are somewhere's around 38,000 in Oregon. District 4 is one of six districts in the state and represents our workers in Douglas, Josephine, Jackson, Klamath, and Lake counties.

SEIU #503, District 4 stands together with community organizations and the many thousands of Southern Oregon citizens as we collectively say NO TO THE BUSH AGENDA!

And our event in Southern Oregon stands in solidarity with J20 Portland!!!

web pages to check out:

SEIU Local #503. The Oregon Public Employees Union

Service Employees International Union

J20 Feature Story on Rogue IMC

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seiu wastes members $$$$$$ 18.Jan.2005 17:14


years ago, i was a member of the seiu. it wasn't a good union and i was disappointed at how my interests were being represented

currently i'm a member of the nrlca, which is one of many postal unions. although i'm independent, the majority of members are probably republicians. however, democrats recieve significantly more pac $$$$.

if the nrlca spent tens of thousands of member $$$$$ to deny a candidate ballot status, republician , democrat, or indy, as the SEIU did with Nader04, those " leaders?" would be given the boot very quickly.

the seiu is nothing but a subsidiary of the democratic party. its "leaders?" job is to keep the seiu herd within the demcratic party without their interests being represented