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patriot registering?

did i miss something? the government wants all the "good" people to sign up as a patriot, in order to weed out everyone else. internment camp bunk partner, anyone?

please tell me this is a joke.
please tell me you are actually upset about this.
please wake me up form this orwellian nightmare.

homepage: homepage: http://www.salvationinc.org

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It's a joke. 17.Jan.2005 17:29


If you had taken the time to search the rest of the site it would have been evident.

The real whitehouse page is www.whitehouse.gov.
This site is a spoof... a good one with news and stuff... but a spoof nonetheless.

It's a joke 17.Jan.2005 17:29

adili admin@reemergence.org

It's from whitehouse.org, not whitehouse.gov.

That said, it's only funny because it's not too far removed from our shared reality.

JOKE'S on YOU, " tyler@salvationinc.org" 17.Jan.2005 17:36


www.whitehouse.org is a well-known spoof site, kind of a mixture of SmirkingChimp.com and The Onion.

(does anyone here actually READ web sites / references, before they spaz a freakposting about it on to PDX Indymedia's already-overloaded news wire?)

thank jesus 17.Jan.2005 17:42


jesus for a second there, for a fucking second there...

"Let the vulture soar! Like she's never soared before!" 17.Jan.2005 18:34

tra la la

I like the national bird as a vulture though. Cute.

www.whitehouse.org is the REAL DEAL 17.Jan.2005 23:47


it's madcap spoof at it's finest...you can spend hours there laughing your fanny off!

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