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Jail support for January 20th needs you!

Call for volunteers meeting Tuesday night, 7pm at the IWW Hall, located at 616 East Burnside Street.
The General Defense Committee of the IWW will be hosting a volunteer workshop for anti-inauguration events on Jan 18, 2005. We are looking for drivers, greeters, and office help. This is open to all volunteers interested in helping with jail support the day of the event, thru the night and the next day (Jan 20-21st). If you have volunteered in the past, please consider volunteering again. We could not offer jail support without your help!

phone: phone: 503-234-4518
address: address: 616 East Burnside Street

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Correction 17.Jan.2005 16:34

GDC of the IWW

Meeting is at 8pm not 7pm on January 18th. Hope to see you there!