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Hand Out Ponchos

For J20, just a thought....
Item to pass out if the weather looks pissy:


Just a thought. When you're at the store picking up your bottle of water for the day's activities, buy a couple of $1 ponchos and hand them out should you be at a rainy rally.

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Dillema in the Life Boat 17.Jan.2005 16:30


Those ponchos are part of the exponentially increasing torrent, the cascade of "landfill" feed stock surging into gashes in Mother Earth around the clock, every day of the year, since the beginning of the industrial age.

They are but a single product particle in the mountains of reordered and refined chemical element and molecular engineered substances and contraptions that are products, enzymes and hormones, even poisons, of the metabolism of global capitalism--the cultural and socioeconomic regimen that has come to infest, dominate and lock up cultures and societies in dependency upon and duped, involuntary participation in a continuing expanding spiral of overproduction, overconsumption, overdevelopment, overexploitation of resources--serving as first principle the demands of corporate health and vitality: profit and the accumulation of wealth by the few.

No one can find the chart to change course. Those who have commandeered and hold the the rudder with threat and application of deadly force, demagoguing fear, racism, classism, religious sectarianism and nationalism proclaim there is no choice but to continue barreling ever faster toward the abyss, while our lifeboat is increasingly fouled, structurally critical parts irrevocably dismantled for current ill-conceived demands of corporate longevity--as if a thus cannibalized, degraded lifeboat will maintain its essential function for future passengers (ALL our relations) ...

Those cheapo ponchos, then are basically throwaway crap, but they have cheap utility in keeping chemical warfare agents from saturating your more sustainable, longer-lived garments that you might have to stay in for a while before there is an opportunity to change and helping to keep the chemicals from contacting skin. And thereby extending your effectiveness in action, wresting control of our lifeboat from the corporate lunatics and their political pimps.

how about just reminding people to bring an umbrella. 17.Jan.2005 20:18

flower skunk

I suspect that people who've lived in and around PNW for even a short time automatically reach for the old, handy umbrella before going out the door. To me, ponchos look silly on people and sea of ponchos is even sillier looking.

PanchoViva 18.Jan.2005 16:34


I do know a pancho can be a valuable asset to a streetperson during these wet and cold times..maybe you could share it with someone after the protest? Gracias Amigos.