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Labor March Jan 20, 2005


LABOR MARCH JAN 20, 2005; 3:30PM

Meet at the Portland IWW Hall
616 E. Burnside St.
On G.W. Bush's inauguration day, the IWW invites all working class people to participate in a demonstration of working class demands. We will be assembling at the IWW hall, where we will proceed to march across the Burnside Bridge to meet up with the main protest downtown.

The labor march is about making economic demands, not about politicians. Workers alone have the power to end the capitalist culture of war, environmental destruction, and labor exploitation...Our most powerful weapon is the general strike. . . .

The labor march will be a permitted event, and the IWW will be providing march security. We intend for the march to be accessible to workers with children and disabilities.

phone: phone: 503-231-5488
address: address: 616 East Burnside Street

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