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GPS in all oregon cars?

new gas tax scheme invisions tracking cars milage thruogh GPS
this sounds like a conspiracy theory that i would
normaly roll my eyes at. but oregon public broadcating
had a report on this scheme. (and they after all,
the last word in journalist integrity)

it seems as tax revenues are going to fall for the gas
tax as cars get better MPG. to address this, oregon
is launching a pilot program that will install GPS
tracking in cars that will allow them to set a rate based on
instate miles driven.

they, of course have no plan to keep this information
regarding peoples where abouts. we all know that this
is a lie. as soon as some child is kidnapped, law
enforcement will gain access "to save the childern".

i can see it now, not only will the cops know where
you are at at all times, but the info will be sold to
the wonderful market, resulting in a deluge of junk
mail from every single business you pass on the way to


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sounds redundant. 17.Jan.2005 10:33


We have that same system now.

The farther you drive, the more gas you need, and the more gas tax you pay.

There's more to it 17.Jan.2005 13:38

Dynamic pricing

They are looking at asking you to pay more when you travel during rush hour, or when you travel on certain roads. As the GPS tracks where you go, and when, it adds up the tax you should pay. The next time you buy gas, your unit will be read and charges you've incurred will be charged to you.

Well that's scary 18.Jan.2005 08:24


Do you know the name of the bill, or any additional info, so we could contact the Oregon legislators about this?

2c 19.Jan.2005 17:08

true that

I somewhat agree of the redundancy, and it's not a bill, it's a "pilot program"? Also I do remember 2 cases of portland tv news covering illegal roadblocks around the childs apt. & vicinity under a local amber alert.Police were stoping cars and there was absolutely no mention of the legality of it. An injustice to anyone is an injustsice to everyone.Like the person who took the kid is going cruising in the apt. they took the child from, four hours later.

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