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Do you think there was a conspiracy to steal the election, cover up 9/11 or falsify reasons for going to war in Iraq? Do you object to the validity of Bush's presidency? If the answer is yes, then come join in the fun!!


Thursday January 20th 2:30 pm Meet at MLK and Convention Center, south end; we'll march across the Burnside Bridge to the North Park Blocks to join up with the J20 rally.

Bring a tin foil hat of your design to wear; show the world you're not crazy!** We'll have a contest to decide the best tin foil hat. At the end of the parade, we'll gather all the foil and ship it to the White House with a request to forward it to Baghdad for soldiers in need of armor. Oh -- and wear PINK. Bring a sign or use one of ours.

This is a permitted, family-friendly event.

We need drummers!! to accompany our parade. Let us know if you can join the drum corps.

This event marks a closure of sorts on the devastating timeline of the last 4 years so we can all continue the fight for peace and justice on January 21st. We're mad, we're sad, we're tired -- and we want to make this a fun event to help keep our sanity and energize us for the next four years!


*A tin-foil hat is a piece of headgear that some people wear because they believe it prevents mind control and/or mind reading and find that it stops certain unpleasant experiences such as voices in their heads and apparent abduction by alien beings. While there have been and still are many people who believe in the actual utility of such devices, the wearing of tin-foil hats has become a popular stereotype and term of derision.

** Tom Delay called those who challenged the Ohio presidential vote "the X-Files Wing of the Democratic party." But after all, Tom, Fox Mulder was right!

homepage: http://www.codepinkportland.org/

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