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Birth of a Green Knight

Birth of a Green Knight

January 9th, 2005
A freezing drizzle is falling down a mute night.

By Darris Mishler - Portland State University

I'd like to begin by taking 9-seconds or so to introduce myself. My name is Darris. I am an alcoholic. I am a pothead. I am a thief. I am a wife-beater. I am a reader of subversive literature. And, as of November 2nd, 2004 I am an activist. Now it has been many a year since I boozed, many a year since I smoked the Mary J, many a year since I stole a dream, and many a year since I raised my hairy hand against a wife - of course, this latter due in part because it has been many a year since I have had a wife. As for the subversive literature ... well ... all I can do is shrug my shoulders at your shock and sip my chai.
I will tell you why I have thrown back the purple curtain to this little nobody that is I. The reason I introduced myself in this manner is because I want you to hear what accountability sounds like. It is likely several here have forgotten and it may be a spell before you hear it again.

As a student, and not a faculty member, I have the luxury of being able to say what I please without worrying about losing my employment. I need not worry about a pile of letters being sent to my department. All I have to worry about is my GPA. I have been handed the microphone here and I am not going to gust it away by yammering spittle through our sour candy yesterdays while that Elephant is hiking its tail upon our cotton candy tomorrows.
Now on November 2nd, right there on my RCA I heard the news anchors tell me to ignore the exit poles. I scurried out the door expecting to step into a tsunami of protesters, only to hear crickets. Americans flunked an easy exam November 2nd. Sheep. Orwell was so right. When have the exit poles ever been wrong? At least the Ukrainians recognize election fraud when they see it - even if it was with a wee CIA nudge. Americans should Ignore the News Anchors and Focus on the Exit Poles. There in lies the truth.
Where does the media begin? Isn't it right here? Right here in the schools? Hasn't that been pervasive throughout everything we've read and viewed? Have you seen "A Question of Silence"? Silence, indeed. Where the fuck were you November 3rd? Where? The silence in this nation is choking me. Lady Liberty is being gang raped and nobody seems to care. Well, many say they do. They bitch about Bush and his Fifty Thieves and then they samba off to their respective SUV's, with their manicured nails gripping lattes and cell phones, their botox-faces as firm as stone as they spark the engine to motor on home to sleep: with their 20-20 laser-eyes wide open, watching Fear Factor while consuming mass-quantities. Up they rise each morning; soon to be jacked to the brow on antidepressants, and listening to NPR as their microwave does the hum~and~pop. Not hearing what NPR is leaving out. Not hearing that silent bay.
I want to hear howling in the streets, a collective voice rising up against the war on women right now in this country. Right now today. Have a looksee at the new gag order abortion action that was hidden in the eleven-hundred page spending bill that passed in November. While you're at it look at Medicare and health care, Pell grants, Section 8 housing, record personal bankruptcy claims, the assault riffle ban, the record opium production in Afghanistan, the value of the dollar, Alberto Traumata Gonzales, the World's contempt for Americans, the sneak-and-peek Patriot Act, the draft-dodging chicken hawks, the reality that the only so-called crisis with Social Security is a thieving government - that ever enduring in-your-face robbing of the poor.
The feminist theory of tomorrow is wailing beneath the Government's jackboots of today. I want to hear about the women of Saudi Arabia, Japan, and China, among other countries, since their respective countries will own over half the United States quite shortly. I want to hear about America's likely bankruptcy and how that's going to effect families. I want to hear about Bush's "Clear the Skies of Birds Act" and how that mercury nightmare is affecting us. I want to hear about this "No Child Left Behind," with no school library, no music, no art, no sports, or no outdoor school program, et cetera unless their families pick up the tab. I want to hear about this "Help America Vote Republican Act." I want to hear about this war and the innocent Iraqi men, women and children dying over there. I want to hear about Darfur. I want to hear how Bush's uncle James Baker III is representing Saudi Arabia against the Families of 9/11. I want to hear about the outsourcing of jobs. Or the plan to truck nuclear waste across 11 states in untested containers. Or about Bush and the Fifty Thieves perhaps lying us into Iran. Could they really be that mad? That utterly insane?
I want to talk about the women of today. Evil women like Condalisa Rice and Katherine Harris, or the good ones like Barbara Boxer, and The Goddess Randi Rhodes of Air America Radio. I want to talk about Code Pink, despite their garment line issue doin's. And I want to hear about all the women that are trying to save this nation and others right now.
I want to talk about The Green Party - the non-fascist party: the party that does not accept corporate money. It is time we gave this party some legs, people. Some muscle and a tongue that sings the truth-melodic which no one will want to hide from.
I want to talk about Skull & Bones. I want to talk about Kerry's so-called "team of lawyers." Some team. I want to talk about Kerry suckering so many of us.
I want to talk about making The Green Party winners.
I have had it with these two-party fascists we have to choose between: either the 21st Century napalm-bombing-fascist Republicans or the wimpy fascist-lite Democrats. Remember this the next time you are filling out your ballot. Can you really tell me Kerry or Clinton are not fascists? Look at their actions. Have you sent Kerry a Thank You Letter for making sure EVERY vote was counted? Every vote was not counted. Only three-percent was recounted in Ohio - if you can call it that.
I am here to tell you the United States Presidential Election of 2004 was blatantly stolen. Time will prove me right. How about we think a bit about why the International Voting Monitors were not allowed into Ohio and Florida?
Silence killed the Native Americans. Silence killed and enslaved the blacks. Silence killed the native Hawaiians. Silence continues to kill and rape women. Silence is killing innocent Iraqis by the tens of thousands. Silence is raping and killing us all, right now. Silence has a stranglehold on Democracy right now. All our rights are intertwined, you see? Your fight for freedom is my fight for freedom. Their fight for freedom is our fight for freedom. They all blur one into the other.
What should we do about it? We should howl. Be brave. Stand up against water-boards, electrodes, German shepherds, and endless prison terms. We should do what Emmett Till's mother did: we should be hammering the media to report the news. We should be protesting by the tens of thousands in the streets. We should be demanding they open the caskets of these Diebold and Triad voting machines. Theft of the Election Gives US the Mandate. We should be speaking out every chance we get. To get the votes counted: to yank the fiery-carpet out from under this Madman's so-called mandate.
That's the play I want to see. That's the play I want to write a scene in. That's the play in which I want to throw open the window and scream some truth down upon the slick streets. That's the play in which I want to march, wearing tie-dyed jackboots, lost in a sea of protesters. Fighting with the most powerful weapons as Martin Luther King believed. Those are: the Weapon of Protest, the Weapon of Love, and the Weapon of Peace. And in the end we save Lady Liberty. In the end she winks and smiles at me. At me. At you. At us.
I'm a silly dreamer, you say. True. I am a dreamer who wonders what the ghost of Pablo Neruda would say in regards to Bushy's strutting about his country, Chile.

Well ... tonight I best not flick on my RCA to see Kerry windsurfing across the screen.
That's all I got ta fuckin' say.

Oh ... by-the-by there is likely a Diebold sales office near you. Should we not chase them out of every community, and pressure those that do business with them?

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Right 16.Jan.2005 23:09


on, lefty. I'd like to shake your hand.

If Randi Rhodes Is A Goddess... 17.Jan.2005 15:58

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

...I'll keep my atheism, Thanks. :/