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Let the Resistance begin: the underground railroad for CO's

Hundreds of west coast soldiers are leaving the military via the underground of the resistance. Please join us and do whatever you can
Hundreds of soldiers have left Fort Lewis and other west coast military bases to head for other countries. They are being helped by the underground. Many of these soldiers came back to the states thinking thier tour of duty was over. Instead they were kept in a locked down situation in barracks and many have been sent back to the hell that is Iraq.

Some are getting the message that there is no way out. They are leaving and asking for help from Quakers and others. They will be helped! If you find one or more of these refugees of bush's nightmare, please help them. It will not be easy to contact the Quakers because the miltary is sending out cops to hunt down and find those who are AWOL. No doubt they will try to infiltrate the Quaker groups and other who are known to help.

The word on the street is after the court challenged gone bad recently, resisters are leaving any way they can as the CO avenue will not work.

Be aware and make the underground railroad strong!

For those who don't know, there is a movement and petition to get the governor of Oregon to ask that all National Guard from Oregon be brought home immediately.

Come to the J20 anti-inaugural event downtown to hear speakers and sign a petition to bring home the Oregon National Guard.

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What's a CO? 16.Jan.2005 20:27


What's a CO?

Does anyone have any corroboration for this story?

Conscientious Objector 16.Jan.2005 20:37

Conscientious Objector

Conscientious Objector

CO = 16.Jan.2005 20:56


CO = Conscientious Objector

More info

From the Veterans for Peace website

The GI Rights Hotline, a national soldiers' support service, has logged a 75 percent increase in calls in the last 12 weeks, with more than 100 of those calls from soldiers, or people on their behalf, asking about the penalties associated with going AWOL - "absent without leave" - according to volunteers and staffers who man the service.

THE GI RIGHTS HOTLINE - 800-394-9544

Many of the calls have come from soldiers who are among those now on the first wave of 15-day authorized leaves that began almost two weeks ago. Some hotline callers have indicated they may not return, staffers said.

From the website Daily Kos.com
American Army soldiers are deserting and fleeing to Canada rather than fight in Iraq, rekindling memories of the thousands of draft-dodgers who flooded north to avoid service in Vietnam.

An estimated 5,500 men and women have deserted since the invasion of Iraq, reflecting Washington's growing problems with troop morale [...]

From the Village Voice
Soldiers chose Canada



NON-CORPORATE indy stuff on AWOL soldiers


Military calls up thousands more reservistis last week 16.Jan.2005 21:48


Here's as story from the US Military that is of interest. This would scare anyone...

National Guard and Reserve Mobilized as of January 12, 2005

This week, the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy announced an increase in the number of reservists on active duty in support of the partial mobilization, while the Coast Guard number remained the same. The net collective result is 4,936 more reservists mobilized than last week.


there's money in it 17.Jan.2005 02:38

U. Sam

Since we know the neo-con cabal has had plans for us for years, perhaps they expected an increase of CO's for this one, compared to vietnam. So, what they did was, invest in the military prison industrial complex, so if you don't go, they make money, if you do go, they make money.

Just keep in mind, when this admin. does anything, they have a "plan b, c, d, e"...always. If you haven't guessed, it most certainly involves making money. How do you make a bad thing good? Profit. It's too easy to be one step ahead of these keystone cops, it's like the blind leading the blind. All these power hungry men willing to sell out their mothers and country to gain a rung on the ladder of disgrace. Everyone but the people that live and die by mainstream news knows it and it's pissing them off that they look like the liars that they are. They only have paid puppet pundits and PR firms cheering them on. The more the right wing media gets louder on the attack and dodges the lies, the less impact and credibility their attacks have...they have become mad dogs. As much as people love frothing at the mouth(as a spectacle), the "liberal" argument just isn't sexy anymore...or convincing. But don't worry, weber-shandwick to the rescue(like they did on 9/11)...or maybe Qorvis.(I hear their offices were just raided by the fbi)

Chances are, they'll tell us troops are coming home after the election...then we'll ask, "then why the draft?"...."ugh, ugh, what draft? ummm, turn on fox news, they'll tell you what we want you to hear". Then the "conservatives and liberals" will sit around the fire debating wether or not to debate, how safe we are with soldiers who have to be drafted.
America's Army
America's Army

Oregon people refuse to sign up again 17.Jan.2005 08:50


Oregon National Guard soldiers leave at high rate after Iraq

By The Associated Press

SALEM Oregon Army National Guard soldiers who served in Iraq are leaving the military at a significantly higher rate than normal, according to The Oregonian.

The Portland newspaper said preliminary figures show that fewer than half between 180 and 190 of the Iraq veterans in the Oregon Guard's 1st Battalion, 162nd Infantry, decided to re-enlist after the unit returned home in April.

Retention rates typically hover around 80 percent.

But since September of 2004, only 49 percent of eligible 1st Battalion soldiers have said they would sign up again.

"That's a huge hit,'' said Col. Mike Caldwell, Oregon Guard spokesman, who got a first look at the numbers last week.

Caldwell attributed the reluctance to the high probability and length of future deployments, which can affect the family life and careers of citizen soldiers.

"We need to get deployment lengths down,'' he said.

Although the number of soldiers involved is relatively small, the results provide an early indication of the difficulty the Guard might have in maintaining its troop strength as more units are sent to war zones.

Perhaps the biggest test will come in the spring with the scheduled return of the 2nd Battalion, 162nd Infantry. The 700 Oregon soldiers in that unit have spent a difficult year in and around Baghdad, with eight killed and many injured.

"We believe we are going to have some issues with retention'' among the 2nd Battalion soldiers, said Lt. Col. Leah Sundquist, who heads the Oregon Guard's recruitment and retention office in Salem. She cautioned against treating the figures so far as a trend.

But she acknowledged that family worries top the list of rea sons for returnees deciding against extending their stay in the Guard.

"Soldiers are saying, 'I have four kids, and I knew we might possibly be looking at a deployment down the road, and I can't afford it,''' she said.

Recruitment and retention have been issues for the military since the early months of the Iraq war as it became clear soldiers would be deployed in greater numbers and for longer periods of time than expected.

The concerns were more pronounced for reserve forces, such as the National Guard, where members have to leave families and jobs for extended periods when they are mobilized for active duty. Many take hefty cuts in pay, and some come back to uncertain job and lifestyle prospects.

Nationally, retention has averaged 82 percent, said Lt. Col. Mike Milord, public affairs officer for the National Guard Bureau in Washington, D.C.

Whether that number falls as more units come back from extended combat duty in Iraq remains to be seen, he said.

"It's really difficult to tell because some of the best retention has been in units that have come back,'' Milord said.

"They experience a high level of emotion,'' he said. "These are people whose lives are literally in each other's hands. It's like forming a new family.''

Sundquist said the Oregon Guard is taking steps to boost retention totals and recruiting as well. Ten new recruiters have been hired, for a total of 72.

The Oregon Guard usually brings in 1,000 new members each year, Caldwell said. He said he thinks the numbers could drop by 20 percent to 30 percent.

Sundquist, however, was more optimistic, noting that recruitment totals for the past three months surpassed expectations.

The Oregon Guard has a good shot at achieving the goal of 1,100 new recruits during its 2004-05 fiscal year, which ends in September, she said.

Could it possibly be? 17.Jan.2005 10:14

3 times

Could it possibly be that the Oregon National Guard has a lower retention rate because it has a higher death rate? Wasn't it reported recently that ONG members are 3 times more likely to die in Iraq than the average? The reasons given? The governor guessed it was because they were sent on more dangerous missions... so... WHY? Why are they sent on more dangerous missions? The governor implied it was because the ONG was more skilled. Is this true? Is there anything more than a guess floating around as to why Oregon troops are THREE TIMES MORE LIKELY TO DIE THAN THE AVERAGE?

Aren't these important questions? For Oregonians, at least? We know the Bush doesn't care. Maybe he gets a kick out of it.

Suckers for Mom's Apple Grave 17.Jan.2005 15:01


Let's see... "more skilled"..."sent on more dangerous missions" ... trending to more casualties in comparison with other state ANG units, having presumably less skilled members.

What's the percentage?

Expose your better troops to more dangerous missions and loose them at a higher rate? Only by the logic of the protected military death establishment career professionals and the war criminal politicians who direct their exploits! And, as a corollary, those ordering and managing the exploits are the least skilled, since they are never on the ground, where the fast bullets fly.

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