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Keeping the Dream Alive

On Monday, January 17, 2005, beginning with a noon National Bell Ringing Ceremony, Color Guards and national anthems, Greater Portland will join hands to celebrate the life and work of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
A World Arts Foundation, Inc. is proud to produce its 20th consecutive tribute to a great American. The famed program will return to its roots and inaugurate the newly dedicated Robert Grady Ford Auditorium on the campus of Jefferson High School Center for the Performing Arts.

This program continues to be recognized locally and nationally as one of the finest community-based celebrations in the U.S. In its 20 years of commemorating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "Keep Alive the Dream" a humbly attempts to give voice to common citizens and acknowledge the struggle for civil rights and human dignity.

"Keep Alive the Dream" reminds us all, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did so eloquently and so powerfully, that "we are all bound together in a single garment of destiny. The setbacks of September 11, 2001, remind us that "What affects one, affects us all", and that "a Freedom is never free". The indomitable spirit of the American people must keep their own dreams alive by being ever the more responsible and active in the pursuit of justice and hard-won freedom and democracy.
Invited artists include: Gospel choirs from Seattle, Eugene, Japanese Taiko Drummers, African drummers, Portland Philharmonic Choir, Irish dancers, Latin musicians, and other artists. Invited speakers include: Oregon's Governor, Portland's mayor, civic and religious leaders, educators, school board members, and other distinguished individuals.
Lifetime Achievement Awards will acknowledge community persons who have given the greater Portland metropolitan community a higher quality of life through exemplary service. This year's program also will feature a special Theatrical excerpt from the play For Colored Girls Only with members of its original cast and a 20th Anniversary Gospel Re-union Choir under the direction of Dorothy Davis, Darlene Warren and executive producer Mr. Ken Berry.
The entire seven-hour program will be simulcast on KBOO Radio (90.7 FM), Portland Public Schools Television Services and Jefferson High Television (Channel 28). Donation consists of $3.00 donation or three cans of non-perishable food to be given to local food banks. Local vendors will again offer a full range of art, jewelry, specialty clothing, educational materials, and services in International Exhibition Area.
Sponsors include: Portland Public Schools; Portland Association of Teachers; Killingsworth Little Chapel of Chimes; SAFECO Corporation; Oregon Education Association; Providence Health System; Portland Community College; Enterprise Rent-A-Car; Portland General Electric; African American Chamber of Commerce; KBOO Radio; and Portland Community Media.

Celebration begins at noon until 7:00 pm and asks just a donation of $5.00 or three cans of food. Go to the link provided for a list of performers and speakers.

homepage: homepage: http://www.worldartsfoundation.org

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Did the CIA kill MLK? 17.Jan.2005 06:43

mandrake root

Did the CIA kill MLK? I heard that they killed him because they feared the direction his activism was going and his growing relationships with other black revolutionaries. Does anyone know more about this? Could you elaborate? Mlk said some good things. One thing about revolutionaries, it seems that wiether they're violent or not, they usually die violent deaths. It seems like commemerating his legacy in and of itself is an act of opposition, because wither it was the cia, or somebody else he was clearly murdered for his political beliefs.

the execution of klk jr 17.Jan.2005 12:43


the following is a shortcut to a mp3 download:

The truth about Martin Luther King's death, who was behind it, and why.

the fight against empire continues
the fight against empire continues

more info 17.Jan.2005 12:51




February 11, 2003

An Act of State
The Execution of Martin Luther King

Bill Pepper's book, An Act of State: the Execution of Martin Luther King (Verso, 2003), is a book whose time has come. It is required reading for anyone interested in how they illegitimate Bush regime will wield its ill-gotten power, not against Iraq, but against dissenters here in America.

An Act of State tells the story of how Martin Luther King was killed, not by James Ray, a bumbling patsy.....

counter punch with a book by pepper

Celebration Live on Portland Cable Channel 28 17.Jan.2005 13:30

Josh Eddings

For those of you too lazy to get out - the celebration is cablecast live on the PPS Education channel - 28 in Portland, by volunteer producers at Portland Cable Access. Live till 7 tonight.

Josh Eddings

keeping the dream alive 18.Jan.2005 13:01

john nelson

put: "plagiarism martin luther king" in any search engine

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrated in Santa Cruz 18.Jan.2005 15:07


Here is a link to a 10 minute (32.4 megabyte) video I put together.

To see stills from the video and read more about MLK, Jr. day events in Santa Cruz, visit the link below.

racism still excest on martan luther king birthday in detroit 21.Jan.2005 09:46

otis moore pin derk cassidey swanee012000@yahoo.com

i hear the central methoidist church was having a saramonys for doctor martan luther king they advertize the saramonys will be held at 12 noon monday 17,2005 they was suppose to feed everybody bag lunches at the church but insteded they feeded everybody hot perppare meal at the church some white volumteer worker start to faust at the people who attend the saramony for slaying civil rights activits the saramony wasn't all was it lead to be out be this white christrian male started trouble with the guest of the saramony people was all about talking about sex and drugs at the saramony these people harast people tipoly the sermones fil with liar sand inaccues to confused people and steared people to the wrong culture with racism oversee the whole ration to make people feel save in their own communitys i feel they had to stand up for real cause big trouble at cental metroidist church in detroit ivice people not to come here because it's a horse town

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