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Full Moon On January 20

Leave your bicycles at home.....it's time for
Critical Ass. :)
January 20 is the day that people need to get out and participate in the
Emperor's Coronation.

Let the Asses of Evil try to stop the American public from giving the
raspberry to, and mooning George II.

Here are a few of the slogans I found at NY Indymedia.
Ideal for printing posters or placards.

Shitholes for Shithead

Butt Out of Iraq

Bottoms up for Bush

Rumps for Rumsfeld

Butt Time for Bonzo

Cost of Bush Coronation Security: $17 million.

Cost of The Unfunded Mandate Ball: $40 million.

Cost of War for Nonexistent WMDs: $116 billion

Expression On Bush's Face After Mass Mooning: PRICELESS!

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Now, 16.Jan.2005 14:46

Catalina Eddie

a big breakfast of beans and BBs before that and ya might just have something!

can you hear me now? 16.Jan.2005 17:59

mitu ahsole

say ah
kisses for george
mirror mirror, on the wall
cheney control point
your wmds are in here