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U.S. Casualties In Iraq

Casualty Figures Of U.S. Troops In Iraq.
On January 14, 2005, the Pentagon released statements
that 1,361 U.S. troops have been killed, and some
10,000 were wounded.
This is not a true reflection of the actual number
of those killed or wounded, but rather a manipulation
of the true figures.

The first casualty of war is always the truth.
The illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq was
initiated by Emperor George II and Court.
Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz both have total
control over the information coming out of Iraq,
which includes the number of dead and wounded U.S.
It is in the Empire's best interests to falsify the
true numbers of dead and wounded, in order to prevent
its royal subjects from questioning the real reasons
for the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, and
to dissuade the masses from calling for an end to
the war and bringing the troops home.

The true number of U.S. casualties is known only to
a few selected members of the Emperor's Cabal.
The Empire will not release the true numbers of
U.S. dead and wounded, fearing public pressure and
demands to bring all U.S. troops home, not only from
Iraq and Afghanistan, but from everywhere else as well.
The Empire cannot allow the failure of their PNAC
Doctrine, which gives them the "right" to stage pre-
emptive strikes whenever and wherever they choose.
The true number of U.S. dead and wounded can be
determined by various reports from many individuals
and organizations, since March 2003, which will give
a clearer picture about the real costs of war for
all U.S. military personnel.

A military surgeon at the Ramstein base in Germany
said that the base had received 9,500 casualties
from Iraq in November 2003, all needing surgery,
which included over 3,000 amputations.
Also in November 2003, a director at the Baghdad
airport stated that the military had flown out
about 22,000 injured U.S. military personnel.
In April 2004, the Veterans Association stated
that they had received 26,633 disability claims
from military personnel returning from Iraq.

In June 2004, on CNN, on the McGaughlin political
show, a casualty figure of 27,000 was discussed,
which gives credence to the figures stated above.
From many articles and reports written by surgeons,
doctors, and other medical personnel, it appears
that they had to deal with about 50 casualties
every day, or about 1,500 every month.

With the rising resistance by Iraqi guerrillas since
April 2004, all across Iraq, not only in Najaf and
Fallujah, which would double the number of U.S.
casualties to about 3,000, for 4 months, which
would total about 12,000 casualties.

It is a 10-month span from April 2004 to January
An average of 1,500 casualties each month totals
15,000 for ten months.
Add another 1,500 for the four months in Najaf and
Fallujah, which totals 6,000.
Which, therefore, leaves a total of 21,000 casualties,
from April 2004 to date.
Add the Veterans Association figures of 26,633 disabilty
claims, which gives a total of 48,000 casualties.
With a ratio of 1 soldier killed for every 8 soldiers
wounded, this gives a figure of 6,000 killed.

This gives us a truer figure of 6,000 dead and
48,000 wounded U.S. troops in Iraq, for a grand
total of 54,000.
These figures clearly show that the Empire has only
released about 20% of the U.S. casualty rates to the
American public.
The Vietnam War is a good reflection of U.S.
casualty figures.
At the beginning of the Vietnam War, there were
6,000 troops killed in action reported, which was
later raised to 58,000 KIA, and an additional 40,000
troops reported as missing in action.
With this in mind, it is certain that the Empire is
once again manipulating the casualty rates in Iraq,
and lying to the American public.

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Iraq Coalition Casualty Count - U.S. Fatalities 16.Jan.2005 13:51


Operation Iraqi Freedom

Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan)

Civilian casualties in Iraq:

here's what george w. bush II recently had to say about iraq... 16.Jan.2005 14:23

this thing here

>WASHINGTON (Jan. 16) - President George W. Bush says there is no need to hold anyone in his administration accountable for what has happened in Iraq because the voters have already spoken.

"We had an accountability moment, and that's called the 2004 elections," Bush said in an interview with The Washington Post for Sunday's editions. "The American people listened to different assessments made about what was taking place in Iraq, and they looked at the two candidates, and chose me."<

to say that this bastard's bullshit, the sick, faulty, non-reasoning of a psychopath, makes me increadibly angry is an understatement.

so, because you won the presidential election, there's abosulutely no problem in iraq? so, because you won the presidential election, no mistakes were made, and no one can be held accountable? hmm, very interesting. especially from a psychological standpoint.

how does your "logic" work, mr. president? let's run through it again:

if i win a game, even though i cheat, well, because i won, i should get the prize and i shouldn't be held accountable.

well, this is certainly an easy medical report to write, and i'm not even a liscensed professional.

- - - - -

symptoms: lack of guilt, callousness, inability to accept responsibility or face the consequences, egotistical sense of granduer and importance

diagnosis: psychopathy

Hehehe... 16.Jan.2005 15:50

Tony Blair's dog


The problem is that he didn't win anything.

They stole it.

WHY WHY WHY 16.Jan.2005 20:32


WHY doesn't someone establish a website that has ALL the names of ALL the wounded on it?

There should be a website with all the names of all the casualties on it so that family members can audit the government's official version. This should tell the story very quickly if there is a cover up going on.

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