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Water Permits

Where will this go?
Senate Bill Would Require Rain Water Permits

A bill introduced by Senator Paul Shin on January
13, 2005, will authorize the Department Of
Ecology to require all people collecting rain water
in barrels and/or cisterns to obtain permits from
the Department of Ecology.
All rain water collected must be used solely for
beneficial use, and only on the same property
where it was collected.

This bill has been referred to the Senate Water, Energy, and Environment Committee on January 13, 2005.


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all for the love of corporations. 16.Jan.2005 14:41

this thing here

'The bill was the work of Senator Paul Shin's staff and a lobbying group composed of the nation's largest water and energy corporations. According to the senator's spokesman, the bill was drafted to try and put up obstacles to citizens collecting what was termed "free water".

"The notion that the people of this country can collect water for free and use it for some purpose, without ever having to pay a business, is just outrageous", the spokesman said.

Among other bills considered, one would set up a "fee schedule" for the breathing of air. "If people want to breathe air, they should pay a small fee for every breath," an energy lobbyist familiar with the legislation said.'

huh? 16.Jan.2005 15:21


what does "beneficial use" mean... and who's to know if you use the water on your own property... hard to believe this is for real... oh, I see, this is a washington bill, not a national bill. I remember something similar to this being defeated by mass consumer outrage several years ago - there was a bill that said that all residents who had wells had to give them up to the military in times of emergency... it didn't pass, so this is their next move - Washington water is a precious commodity it seems...

idiot 16.Jan.2005 16:00


This guy's an idiot and his constituents should be incensed at such a waste of time and his obviously tainted and bought measure. We have to quit electing jerks like this who will whore themselves.