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Portland Community Liberation Front Benefit Event

Coming up on Tuesday, January 18th! Come support The PCLF's work monitering the police in North and Northeast Portland, and building community power! Featuring spoken word, music, videos, and much more.

7:30 pm at Nocturnal (1800 E. Burnside St.)
The PCLF has been doing work from which we all benefit, and it's time to give something back. While working to moniter the police and discourage more police abuses and murders, the PCLF has been targeted with fines amounting to more than $1000.


Come enjoy some revolutionary entertainment to support community power and police accountability! Spoken word by Rochelle Hart (First OR black woman slam champ), and featuring many special guests.

1800 E Burnside is the place to be on Tuesday evening!

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Is it illigal to videotape the pigs? 16.Jan.2005 17:37

mandrake root

Is it illigal to videotape the pigs? Have you (the pclf) persued getting a lawyer, and fighting the charges? What exactly did they charge you with?

more info? 16.Jan.2005 17:58


can you elaborate on who else is speaking, live music? videos?

It is legal 16.Jan.2005 19:20


As long as you are on public property and are not "interfering" with any police business. I'm sure there are other stipulations but accountability of a rogue police department is a fundemental need for all of our interests. The Portland Police Department is out of control and with out accountability and not sufficient oversight for those who they are SUPPOSED to serve. Thank you PCLF for your work and helping to shift the power back toward the people.

Speakers, and videos 18.Jan.2005 06:43



So speakers will include Rochelle Hart expressing her poetry. Video footage from the Guerilla News Network, Britney a local folk musician (recently preformed at the riot folk events.) Dyanna Gwinn expressing her poetry, Unconstitutional (a video about the US governments violation of civil liberties,) We hope that the PCLF will talk some about thier group and what happened to them (maybee field some questions?) This is a rough outline of what's gonna be going on at the event. Hope to see you there!

The event went off great! 19.Jan.2005 06:47

mb against-imperialism@lists.riseup.net

The event went great! Thanks you much to Rochelle, Xavier, Dianna Gwinn, Britney and her comrad, The Portland Community Liberation front, and all the good people that came out to support them, The nocturnal for letting us use thier rad space, the door man for bieng generous, Our comrad Joe Ball from Oregon Books to Prisoners for hooking us up with the spot, focus for tabling, and Dominic for carrying the laughing horse table all the way there to do your thing, and last but not least our friends and comrads with and around the portland anti-imperialists for all your help getting the word out.

mad respect,

Thanks to everyone 19.Jan.2005 11:45


Thanks to everyone for making this event such a complete success. It was a great night, full of revolutionary spirit, love, and struggle. Thanks to the folks who helped pull it together, and all the performers and speakers. We raised some good cash for some good work by some good people. La Lucha Continua!

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