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Top Secret Pentagon Gay Bomb

Check out this story about Pentagon plans for a US secret military weapon that would devestate enemy morale by releasing a chemical aphrodisiac behind enemy lines that would reduce opposing forces to uncontrollable homosexual behavior. No mention how many tax payer dollars were invested in the "gay option" or what might happen if the wind were to shift and blow the airborne apothecary back toward US/allied forces, but there's no evidence this weapon exists, so far...
Sex a weapon


A "SEX bomb" that would make enemy soldiers irresistible to each other was considered by the US military.

Declassified documents reveal the Pentagon toyed with the idea of an aphrodisiac chemical weapon in 1994.

The gas would have made enemy soldiers sexually irresistible to each other. The weapon's developers said homosexual behaviour among troops would deal a "distasteful but completely non-lethal" blow to morale.

The plans, unearthed from a US air force laboratory in Ohio, were published in New Scientist magazine.

- Milanda Rout

The actual memo was published by the Sunshine Project:

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Make love not war 16.Jan.2005 10:56


I always knew the military was full of a bunch of repressed closet cases- who else could come up with an idea like that?

Best case scenario: while attacking the "enemy" with this stuff, they inadvertently expose their own troops to it as well. Everyone then quits fighting and starts having a big orgy. The future of the planet is thus saved.

Needs further testing 16.Jan.2005 11:01


it needs to be tested extensively before deployment.

I just hope Portland is in the running for being a test site!

....mmmmmmm....the sight of B-52s on the horizon gets me hot and bothered!

Already Tested 16.Jan.2005 11:17

Herding Cats

San Franscisco (Height district) and Seattle (Capitol Hill district) were both testing grounds in the seventies and eighties. When the experiment ended, the project was closed down (along with the victims) by releasing the aids virus (usually in the form of Hep B vacinations). Nothin like letting the cat out of the bag...

A modest proposal 16.Jan.2005 12:01


Here's a thought, some wise, liberal minded chemists create a wepon that renders only conservatives impotent. Conservative thinking is probably at least partially genetic. Why not invent some odorless, colorless gas that could lead to the elimination of conservatives in a couple of generations? Good riddance to bad rubbish.

a more modester proposal 16.Jan.2005 17:03


The gene modification idea is essential for the long term, but that doesn't solve the immediate problem. How 'bout we just do "retroactive abortions" on the fascist sombitches?

Among the seed of Chuckie 16.Jan.2005 23:13


Apparently the same government experiment in which student subjects administered themselves massive doses of prurient hedonism and hyperdilated self-importance has already left a number of them incapable of arousal (unless in the throes a homicidal Chuckie fanatasy) and unable to contribute commentary which rises above the level of voiding from the lower extremities.

Queer Planet 17.Jan.2005 08:22

Queer Planet

Conservatives? Who is that? You sit on your oil based computers and trash the people who brought it to you. Where exactly would you draw the line for this conservative bomb?

also....about this bomb. . . do you think they might put something in it that would make heterosexuals have thinking capacity prior to breeding?

And yes, I do hope that the wind shifts and we see a huge orgy break out on the battleground.

I can just see it now. Groups of those hot hairy Iraqi men wrestling American soldiers to the ground. The ultimate political act!

But it says nothing about the women soldiers. Would they be left standing there with their guns with no one to fuck? We also need a lesbian bomb!

Equal rights!

Choman and QP 17.Jan.2005 11:11


Choman: It just goes to show, conservatives like you have no sense of humor.

QP: This oil based computer wasn't brought to me by conservatives. They could never concieve of sucha thing.

reply to "QUEER PLANET" 17.Jan.2005 15:02

concerned observer

we need a "lesbian bomb" .... everything you said seems to be coming from a perspective of a horny lesbian who wants "equal rights!" ... why does this story have to be trashed with a bunch of gender comments. i mean, for someone who seems to wanna do away with gender roles, you seem to be pushing those socialized dichotomies yourself. "left standing there with no one to fuck"... this is prime example of the socialized womyn role you seem to be advocating. the person who posted this was presenting a story, and they were of course did not mention who the "women would fuck". i'm sure they were not thinking about the horny objectifying lesbian's concerns about the story. get a grip.

Sparta used gay couples 18.Jan.2005 16:11


Its a well known fact that the ancient Spartans used gay couples fighting together. Even the dummies at the Pentagon would know this thus a "gay" bomb used on the enemy could backfire and actually cause the decimation of US forces...thus the Pentagon never developed this...just more psy-op disinformation campaigning.

Pentagon: "Osama we're gonna bomb you manly (Muslim) men and make you all gay."

Bin Laden: "I surrender"

yeah right!

Reading the original "planning document" 18.Jan.2005 21:20


Reading the original "planning document", I'm struck by the fact that it's typwritten rather than printed in crayon. The document amply demonstrates an indisputable absence of adult supervision. Bloody hell, our country's policy is being guided by a bunch of 11 year olds - or socially/emotionally challenged drones with the mentality of 11 year olds. Who put the lunatics in charge of the asylum?

Question 20.Jan.2005 08:01

Oliver Green

This is a little off the topic but: If I masterbate while I chant LL Cool J lyrics, does that make me gay?

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