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9.11 investigation | imperialism & war

US government false flag attempts to destroy WTCs while building police state, 1989-2001

I though this was worth separating out of another post!

POINT ONE: the secret research team

IN 1989, regarding the recent information coming out by Karl Schwartz about the plans to take down the WTCs legally (and expensively) which would cost around 5.6 billion dollars then: [Plans To Scrap WTC Towers For $5.6 Bn In 1989!, From Karl W. B. Schwarz,  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/12/305386.shtml .] Due to the exorbitant price, they decided against it. However, instead of simply thinking of something else, they make the information gained about the WTCs as completely unstable a total secret from the world. Why would they do this...

POINT TWO: FBI sponsored terror op in '93 to take down WTCs "cheaply" (for free! who wants to spend that 5.6 billion to do it!) with patsies to blame.

Jan. 1993, a mere few weeks into Clinton's first plurality win term--where less than 50% of an already small voting public wanted him--sort of like Bush! This was because of a split-right effect of Perot's campaign. This may have intentionally have been a strategy to shoe Clinton in, as well as punish Bush I's reelection attempt--because Perot was told to "stand down" from Bush on information he learned about Vietnam still holding live POWs--he was sent by Bush in the mid 1980s to see what he could find out. Second point about the split vote scam: after all, Perot was only running strongly when he thought he was going to lose (i.e., when it benefited Clinton). When it turned out in the polls that Perot looked like he might win, he backed out! (Hey, what's a Texas billionaire to do? Could he destroy an elitist group mindfu*k of the American people--that might get him into trouble! Perhaps it did! Clinton is just as much a Bush buddy--CIA drug running through Mena, Arkansas--as any Bush family member. For an historical quote on this collusion, as true American corporatist John D. Rockefeller said (likely after blowing up his own factories to blame his opponents in the oil industry), "Competition is a sin." They apply the monopoly desires and "principles" to politics as well. "Competition is a sin." Anyway, back to early Clinton: Jan. 1993, a handy dandy "terrorist" operation involved internal explosions in WTC1. This almost took down the exorbitantly expensive to remove building--for free! However, the people parked the van in the wrong place. I guess that's what the FBI gets when it relies on "hired help." What do I mean? Well, later it was revealed (NYT of all surreal places amongst others--revealed years later I think) that FBI was directly involved in providing some live explosives to the very people they were "investigating" (FBI alibi) in a so-called "sting." Very interesting "sting." Particularly when the agent on the scene was told to give these patsies both the ideas for particular sites to hit and the technical knowledge for making some bombs involved. In other words, the FBI was writing the list of priority "terrorist hits," suggesting "FBI-recommended locations," to hit--while for public consumption this was only a "sting." What that sounds like to me is that they were creating a subsidiary operation they could have to do the work----or some part of it--and take the blame in the all important cover story--and then voila, they could appear and arrest them simultaneously after providing them with the live bombs they let get into the building to destroy the towers. Very clean operation. However, since the towers failed to fall, those two quarter mile tall 5.6 billion dollar lemons still gave some people sour faces. So, they had to get more "professional" whether they liked it or not. They required more information to get it done right. After all it is assumed that with galvanic corrosion dangers that had already developed in the mere 20 years of the WTCs standing, time was of the essence. The WTCs were getting more and more unstable by the year. The Port Authority, a key suspect of course, wanted to avoid spending billions of its own money to take it down. By the way, one of the people the FBI blamed in 1993 was put in the odd position of returning rental cars/vans to the UHAUL places...after he presumably blew up the WTCs? That's what the FBI said. Hardly a criminal behavior of someone who was on the run. FBI targeted someone who was "mentally challenged" for this part to play it seems. So in summary, Mr. Hicks, the FBI was actually "training the terrorists" in 1993 to take down the buildings for free. There is a history then of certain FBI higher-ups (obviously conspiring with people who would benefit financially) as suspects to force the towers down for free. This is just the exact set up used in several years in the Murrah Building in 1995--where a distraction/pasty outside is linked with an actual internal demolitions arrangement to destroy a building for "counterterror legitimation". In short, I have yet to see a 9-11 book to deal with 1993 in any fair manner.

POINT THREE: US Gov't Geologist Phil Schneider evidence claims, WTC in 1993 hit by micro-nuke explosion in addition to the van bomb

Well, just like Murrah's plan in 1995, there were other internal explosions besides the van in the WTC in 1993--just waiting for the cover operation to work. Even these powerful "real" demolition charges failed miserably however. I guess that's what you get when you rely on people who were at best amateur demolitions people or patsy's who seemed to have "parked the van in the wrong place" according to the real expert demolitions people. So next, you bring in the actual professionals. Real American demolition expert professionals. Real American COVERT OPERATIONS demolitions professionals--people like Phil Schneider. They picked Phil because they wanted to be sure in this highly sensitive ongoing operation to remove the WTCs without any cost that the people picked to even relay any information to, about actual 1993 WTC bombs being much more than van bombs, would be forced to maintain such information in strictest silence. They wanted to get someone so high up in the top secret infrastructure of the U.S. that they would be unable to tell anyone--thus, presumable completely trustworthy with the information. So he is first hired as a mere "consultant" on "post terror investigations" in 1993 to guage his reactions first to learning about the real WTC terrorism of 1993 which had nothing to do with the van bomb though which ran parallel though independent to the van bomb. These investigations--at least the publicly acknowledged ones (there may be more secret ones--Phil didn't exactly say who hired him), though the public ones were done by TriData which is CONNECTED WITH FEMA. Who is Phil Schneider? Phil was an ex-US government geologist, NATO geologist, Rhyolite security clearance. Phil only reported or was answerable to three people he said: "directly to the President, to the head of the CIA, or a base commander." "Hey he seems secure enough: let's let him in on what actually happened in 1993." Schneider, after his resignation from the US gov't in 1995, began to talk about these confidences he was taken into regarding the actual 1993 WTC hit. He was hired "as an investigative consultant" at first to do an entirely secret report about the condition and the explosion damage of the WTC. He was given some photographs to work with. Now, Phil knew explosives. He claimed he was daily familiar in his job with the explosion signatures and particular characteristics of more than 90 different kinds of explosives. He even invented some himself for particular US gov't/NATO secret operations, tunnelling, and underground base creation. Demolitions were only his later US gov't geologist speciality where he designed charges and explosions based on his geological expertise at rock analysis to pulverize huge underground caverns in different kinds of rock for secret military bases. Before these types of jobs, he used to work for Bechtel [George Schultz connected--they are in Iraq soaking in war profits presently; Bechtel does lots of top secret projects] and worked for at least a dozen other military industrial complex operations in top secret "black technologies" mostly at Nevada's Groom Lake/G4 bases. The Phil in 1995 revealed what he saw in 1993 to the public. He was handed photographs that he claimed showed "only one possible type of explosion due to the damange shown--damage like steel extrusion or steel stretching up to six feet at the site of the blast" where steel was stripped and pulled out of the reinforced concrete and actually pulled like taffy. Phil, from his expertise, said "that could only be caused by one thing: a construction-type nuclear device. And those are only housed as Mathers Air Force Base." [These are radiologically clean except for short term--at most a week or so--intense alpha radiation. Most Geiger counters don't even bother looking for alpha. These 'micro-nukes' interestingly enough are a speciality of the Israelis at Diamona, their illegally unmonitored nuclear weapons program [Mordichai Vanunu blew the whistle on Diamona], helped along by the U.S.] Phil writes his WTC 'micronuke' report. He is asked, afterwards at last when they bring him into a large boardroom meeting, whether he "would be willing to injure Americans for us to serve your country's(TM) intersts?" In so many words. In other words they were priming Phil to do the WTC demolition right, since they had just hired him to learn all about the buildings construction and damages from 1993. He would be the perfect candidate. However, Phil balked: he attemped to walk out on them right then and there. They blocked him from the door he said. He threated to assault them, and they got out of the way. However, he was convinced later that he had to complete the existing deep underground military base project that he was working on at the time. He does so. However, when his father was dying, he asked to be "released" from the top secret base site to visit him. He was released. His father died soon after. However, Phil did not come back--to even claim his last paycheck. He began to write a book about everything he knew--writing from his Portland, Oregon apartment. He mailed back his security passes, ripped up. To gain credibility, as well as likely to protect himself should something arise, he had photocopied them. He began to show these photocopies--and tons of more information--to public audiences. Slowly at first. Then larger venues. He spoke publicly for about 9 months from 1995 to 1996. As the speeches went on he got more confident in his message, and a handful were videotaped and we still have them: his basic message was that the U.S. military is seriously out of control and it is out to destroy constitutional democracy. Inbetween these talks, he was repeatedly asked to "rejoin", though he refused. He says he is turning down his 1 million dollar a year guaranteed "retirement" package by talking because he is so concerned about what he knows they are doing. During his talks, the Murrah incident happened. He reported that from data he had seen, that there was no way that it was a truck bomb only; plus, he identified with his expertise in such things, that from the odd demolition signature, some type of scalar weapon had been utilized as well. Next, people simply wanted to assassinate him outright for speaking. Phil actually killed an FBI officer in a gun firefight. However, nothing happened because they didn't want the publicity. They attempted to kidnap his daughter. His ex-wife, who had custody of the daughter at the time, pulled a gun on the FBI agent. Nothing happens to her either. A local Sherrif who knew Phil even arrested an FBI officer stalking Phil. This FBI was either ready to kill Phil after breaking into his home or ready to take him away somewhere first. Still nothing happened. Phil says in late 1995 that he had survived well over a dozen assassination attemmpts, and that retired FBI officers who volunteered their services to Phil were even killed in gunfights protecting him. Still nothing happens: better to keep this hushed up. Phil was very likely killed in early Jan 1996. No one was allowed to see the body--not even his wife. Phil attempted to warn everyone what was going down--with very sensitive inside information. Some of that you can see here:  http://www.bielek.com Beware: your snowglobe world will be shattered on many levels, Mr. Hicks.]

POINT FOUR: take two, in 2001: internal demolitions once more, witnesses

You could bother to ask some real witnesses to internal demolitions that did take down the buildings. I'm hardly apologetic for ripping out the word 'theory' from the word conspiracy here because they don't belong together in the first place: that is just what happened. TWO EYEWITNESSES to prepatory subbasement demolitions of WTC1&2, coincide w/ WTC1&2 hits  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/12/304905.shtml


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