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NPR story on Religion

Episcopal Bishops Won't Halt Gay Ordination

NPR story on Religion

Episcopal Bishops Won't Halt Gay Ordination


Sounds like the number of job applicants for Episcopal Bishops might be declining. Maybe, if we're lucky, the number will dwindle to the

point that they will begin taking applications from Agnostics. Accepting applications from Naturists would be interesting too. It might

even help increase membership.

Humanists, Atheists Look to Higher Global Profile (Reuters)


Religions Battle for Souls on Sumatra (Associated Press)
In the midst of desperate need, theses vendors of religion compete to sell their product and services. How low can these sellers of

religion sink?


(sometimes the long URLs above wrap, making the link wrong. Copy and paste the whole address into your browser if this happens)

The Patriarchal System: An Illegal Authority Hoax to Steal Land in both the Old World and the New.


Clint Clark
Secular Humanist
For Our Planet and Our Species


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isn't w. an episcopalian? 16.Jan.2005 08:44


My recollection is that poppy bush is an episcopalian, so my suspicion is that little pretzel-boy is too.
Perhaps the time has come for w. to advance the cause of christianity by updating the king james bible for they world of today. Surely god has spoken to him about excommunicating liberals from christendom.Bush's linguistic skills make him the logical editor to make the bible more relevant to his chosen hetero minions.

no he is not 16.Jan.2005 17:06


He's a Methodist --- except he doesn't follow their beliefs...
He's really a fundamentalist and seems to approve of the religion espoused by Bob Jones University.