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Recruiting voters is another deception

Seeking voters from outside of Iraq is another desperate attempt by Bush to legitimize the occupation of Iraq....
Recruiting voters is another deception

By Ibrahim Ebeid

Bush with his arrogance led the United States into a war that is not in the interest of the American people; the war became costly and levied a heavy toll on its citizens. The economy is getting worse and the poor are being used to fuel this blatant war.

The search for the "weapons of mass destruction" came to an end simply because the weapons there were no weapons .The real weapons of mass destruction were in the hands of Washington, which were used against the Iraqis since 1991 and they are still being used. President George W. Bush does not want to recognize that the weapons of mass destruction had already destroyed Iraq and flattened its institutions and economy. Millions of Iraqis died since the unjust embargo imposed more than a decade ago and they are still dying by the daily bombardment of Iraqi cities and towns. This fanatic and blind policy of aggression conducted by the United States was responsible for hundreds of mass graves in Iraq, unfortunately not many countries are heard in protest

The recent bombing of a house in Mosul that killed 14 innocent people was a testimony of this reckless war. This is terrorism by itself that the World has ignored or tolerated as a result of fear from Uncle Sam, the international tyrant.

Now the date of the so called election is approaching, the candidates are unknown and the parties who are involved are participants and supporters of the occupation establishment, they came from abroad and certainly they do not represent the Iraqi people in any way.

We know that elections under the auspices of occupation and candidates blessed by the American imperialists and by Zionism offer no solution but another deception by the Bush Administration to mislead the American people that he is concerned about "democracy" in Iraq.

The bankrupt policy of Bush is seeking non Iraqi voters to legitimize the " democratization" of Iraq, 240,000 were wooed from the Zionist entity, "Israel", to cast their votes as Iraqi descendents in favor of the US supported candidates. About one million voters are being sought from abroad to fulfill the Bush desire for "democracy." Hundreds of thousands of Iranians crossed the borders to Iraq; they were given Iraqi identification cards to support the candidates of the religious parties leaning towards the Mullahs' regime.

Choosing voters from outside of Iraq is a new trend of deception that the Bush Administration chose to legitimize the occupation of Iraq and to keep fighting a war that is in the interest of corporate America.

Some wise voices are calling to find a way to save the United States before it faces the humiliation of defeat at the hands of the Resistance. Sixteen House Democrats led by Rep. Lynn Woolsey of Petaluma, California, called on President Bush to begin the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, just as some administration supporters are starting to question the wisdom of staying the course in the war. The U.S. spent $102 billion through Sept. 30, 2004 on the invasion and occupation of Iraq, with costs averaging $4.8 billion a month, the Pentagon comptroller's office said. Bush administration officials in February may seek as much as $70 billion in additional Iraq funding in a request separate from the fiscal 2006 defense budget.

The American people must rally around Representative Lynn Woolsey and her colleagues and call upon the Administration to withdraw immediately from Iraq before it is too late. Bring the US troops home where they belong and let the Iraqis decide their destiny.

For the New Year, a bouquet of thousands of flowers to Iraq, to the Iraqi resistance and to Saddam Hussein

By Abu Assur


Loathsome, Winston Johnny
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