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OK people, it's time to prepare for Dark Thursday.
We need everyone's ideas for protesting this sad day for America.
So let's put your thinking caps on and go to work!
I know what you Reich-Wing Nuts are thinking, so don't waste our time.
Your reply's are not worth the bandwidth it takes to post!

Because our jobs have been shipped to other country's so your corporations can make more profit and bypass environmental regulations that are in place for the benefit of all.
While the working class, continue to bail out your corporations when you loose money on bad business decisions, you have stoked the fires of the revolution!

So it is time for you to pay for your deeds, you should be familiar with this term.
You use it when you judge others all the time!


Most everyone will have American flags, so lets use this for a start.
There are many types of flags that can be used.
The standard clip on that people put on their car antenna's work great.
You can put this kind on a 1/8-inch dowel rod that you can get at any hardware store and cut to length as needed.
It looks like any normal flag.
And when the time is right,
It works great when you pull the flag to the other end of the stick.

And for those of us that want to get down right nasty, you can use loaded eggs for the basting of the joker!

First take any standard dozen or more, please make sure to use the cheap eggs, as they are not worth the good stuff.
This we all know.
Take any standard center punch and tap open the top of the egg.
This leaves the egg undamaged and ready for the next step.
You can use a glue syringe and cement a small straw to fill the eggs with the party favor of your choice.
Red paint would be a fitting color considering all the blood they have spilled around the world.
After you have cleaned out the glue from the syringe.
Using something like JB-Weld, to cement the straw to the syringe making sure to keep the inside of the straw clear of any obstruction.
Use the ones you get in mixed drinks and cement to the end of the syringe, they work great.
After giving your new tool time to cure, 24 hrs works great.

You are now ready to load your PARTY EGGS!
After filling the eggs wipe clean and seal with masking tape.

I am including a picture of a syringe for good measure.

This information is purely for hysterics.
This post in no way or any form gives any direction to anyone to create any mischief.
This disclaimer relinquishes me from any and all legal proceedings or responsibility of intent.
Thank you and have a nice protest.


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