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hatemongers' bitch

this is a poem-but only for thinking people; you have to know that just being alive pisses bigoted people off, and that can be enough sometimes.
Hatemongers' Bitch

For Hitler, a kike; Rush Limbaugh, a dike.
In the Middle Ages, a witch-
yeah, I'm a hate monger's bitch.
A nigger for the Man, with all my peoples damned.
Through beatings and worse,
My name's been made a curse.
In every language and place they spit in my face.
Each and all, to a child,
I make mad and drive wild.
Amidst their cursing and clawing, hemming and hawing.
I show them, once more,
I'm a hate monger's whore.
'Cause ugly or pretty, from country or city.
When they go home.
I gnaw at their bones.
Since I'm still here, as I always will be.

homepage: homepage: http://iamofc.blogspot.com/

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