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The Beatles caused the disintegration of mankind

Nuclear Verdicts
(The Five Judges)
(Judge T., Judge B., Judge S., Judge M. and Judge K.)


"The Beatles caused the disintegration of mankind"

The Rock revolution happened in the Sixties (6, number of the Beast). It came from Liverpool, which was the port base to the Titanic, destroyed by God because of the arrogant insult of Captain Smith (also from Liverpool): "Not even God can sink my ship" (not only the Captain, but also the rest of the crew and even the orchestra playing at the Titanic were from Liverpool). The Rock revolution came from the nation that allows a church to be changed to a pub or to a dance hall or to a recording studio full of drug addicts, homosexuals and lunatics (as that of George Martin, ally of the Beatles).
It came from the nation whose king Enrique VIII adulterated the Bible so that divorce could be allowed, and in this way be able to give loose rein to the many divorces from his wives and subsequent murdering of the same ones, and to whom God provided a wife with six fingers as abomination (Anne Boleyn)...once again 6, number of the Beast....
It is interesting to observe that this nation is nicknamed "the Devil's Island" (as they themselves call it). As the epithet of the government of Satan on that nation, the center of London, the so well-known Piccadilly Circus, takes it's name from an old brothel (the "Piccadilla House" which means "The House of Sin"), disappeared nowadays.

Antichrist John Lennon, one of the Devil's main puppets to destroy family, social and moral values and to begin the disintegration of mankind, did hit Stuart Sutcliffe (the first bass player of the Beatles) repeatedly in the head with a club in Hamburg. Some months later Sutcliffe died from brain haemorrhage because of John Lennon's bruises. John Lennon entered stardom being a murderer.
The same demons that made Captain Smith say "Not even God can sink my ship" spoke from antichrist John Lennon (from Liverpool, base port to the Titanic) saying: "Christianity is on the go. It will vanish and shrink. We are more popular than Jesus and Pope".... That was the day that GOD'S CURSE fell upon the Beatles and upon the world of Rock.
One week after that statement, ONLY ONE WEEK LATER, Brian Epstein, forger of the Beatle farce, died from an overdose. From then on, the Beatles began to get involved in false religions and beliefs and started to preach them to the world.
Came the disintegration of the Beatles' minds with LSD which has caused, among others, schizophrenic lyrics such as "I am the Walrus" and incoherent schizophrenic musical expositions such as "Revolution number 9".
John Lennon's divorce followed, as well as his entering the world of black magic, as deeply as to buy the apartment where the "Rosemary's baby" had been filmed, previous property of Roman Polansky, and in that same apartment John Lennon had a room upholstered with black silk where he used to do his black magic operations.
At the same time, the devil acted through his other main puppets with "Sympathy for the devil", that was when the pact of the Rolling Stones with Satan took the life of the founder of the group, guitarist Brian Jones (who refused to be a puppet of the devil), murdered by people sent by Mick Jagger, another assassin, who after wanted the world to believe that such a brilliant swimmer as Brian drowned in his own pool... .
Antichrist John Lennon followed the Devil's strategy writing lyrics such as "God is a concept by which we measure our pain...I don't believe in Jesus, etc., etc.," (God) and "and no religions too..." (Imagine).
Antichrist John Lennon wanted to compete with Jesus Christ, and so he grew a beard and started to make a bogus role of Christ together with Yoko Ono at the Amsterdam Hilton hotel proclaiming "Peace", being then when he was visited by the Canadian journalist who ridiculized and admonished him wanting to know about what Lennon meant when he wrote in the lyrics of "The ballad of John and Yoko": "the way things are going, they're going to crucify me...",
The CURSE OF GOD upon John Lennon carried on with all type of miseries and distresses which made Lennon give the interview to the "Rolling Stone" magazine (today condensed in the "Lennon remembers" book) where he speaks about how bad thing were going for him blaming "whatever is up there" for it (referring to God).
The CURSE OF GOD carried on until he was shot dead. It is interesting to notice that he was shot seven times, being seven, as well as three, the holy numbers in Holy Cabala tradition....

After George Harrison, said arrogantly in a video filmed at his studio in Henley on Thames: "I want to talk about the divinity of man", he was given throat cancer by GOD because of those words, which made metastasis and carried on to final death..
To Paul McCartney whose company's logo was a person toying with the planets as if he was a god or something, and who was being very much deluded in his ego trip by the fact that he was made "Sir" (when in England even the road sweeper is made Sir, as long as he produces money for the nation), GOD provided cancer to the wife.
The advertising farce of how much he loved Linda (woman whose quality he did not deserve), was exposed when it was known that Paul had an affair with Heather Mills, Linda's intimate friend, with whom McCartney went on a trip to New York and to whom he bought things and presents, while he was still mourning for his "dear Linda".
At the same time McCartney was going out with Heather Mills, he used Linda's death for promotional ends, due to his waning popularity. Paul was going out with Heather, but in front of the audience he played the faithful husband's masquerade pretending to suffer for Linda, for the afore mentioned promotional ends.
Paul admitted that he made Linda suffer a lot, but he didn't say that it was because he felt insecure as a man due to his womanish face and effeminate manners and also because with his age his sexual power was not the same, even though it has never been much. The early days were the days of competition between Paul and his wife and John and his wife and he knew he had to compete with ugly John for the leadership of the band in front of their wives and having Yoko Ono made him aware of his lack of virility and repressed homosexuality, he grew the beard that we see in the "Let it Be" film and started to show pictures of naked women on the same film, doing every effort he could to be seen as a man....
It is easy to note the uneasiness of McCartney when he sings: "I've got a feeling, a feeling I can't hide..." in front of Yoko in the film. (He already had the traumas that his previous girlfriend Jane Asher had caused him when she made him conscious of his little manliness and effeminate manners).
Paul has such a big inferiority complex as a man, due to his effeminate face, body and personality and due to his repressed homosexuality that he found himself a handicapped woman with only one leg, so that he could stand out, being very conxcious that a full woman would make him feel the superiority of virile men again, as Jane and Linda did. This is something that his ego trip of lucky bad musician could not face anymore... .He is very conscious that money and fame cannot buy virility and manliness.

Besides being a murderer, John Lennon had sexual intercourse with homosexual Brian Epstein to get him interested in going to see the band at the Cavern, trauma from which he never recovered. Because of the trauma that his homosexual relation with Brian Epstein had left him, he made lyrics such as: "You can wear a collar and a tie, one thing you can't hide is when you're crippled inside" and gave declarations to the "Rolling Stone" magazine saying that sometimes he wore Texan boots to feel more secure as a man.

The Beatles are very well known by people close to them because of their arrogance and racism. One of the manifestations of their racism is the rejection towards Japanese Yoko Ono. That rejection got to the point that George Harrison kicked Yoko Ono in the Apple studios during the filming of Let it Be.
When John asked George while they were having lunch about how things were going for Paul after his separation from the Beatles and George replied that he was number one in the Swedish hit parade, John said in a despective manner: "ah!!.. in Sweden..", as if Sweden was an inferior place or something alike.
In the Beatles' song "Get Back" they advise black Joe to "get back to where you once belonged", as if England was not a place for black people.
Sometimes back, Paul told George in the Apple offices that the new generations are a bundle of idiots and useless people, but in any way they would have also been slaves of the Beatles.
The Jewish marriage living to the right of George's house said that he is an arrogant person who does never return a greeting. The newly married couple living on the corner in front of the entrance of George's house (Friar Park) refers to him as an overbearing person to stay away from. The receptionist of "Hand made" the former film making company of George Harrison said: "we don't have any relation with that man anymore and we don't want to know anything about him". It is interesting to note that this company was made bankrupt by the British cinema industry due to the despotism and pedantry of George Harrison, who believed that the cinema industry would have worshiped him.
Their chauvinisms got to the point that even they themselves hated each other. Paul McCartney said that George Harrison is a nothing. George Harrison said that he is tired of listening to people talk about John Lennon.
George Harrison said in a video that "Oasis is a very untalented band and they shouldn't be playing at all", all of it being the truth, but the Beatles is also a band of very poor musicians, if musicians at all, who could only play a couple of elementary guitar chords and who are as untalented as Oasis. The Beatles of the times of the "Cavern" sounded exactly as poorly as Oasis and the little musical quality in the songs of the Beatles is due to George Martin. Without George Martin the Beatles would have been just another untalented band as Oasis....George Martin is the musician among the non-musicians known as Beatles... ..

Paul McCartney said recently that he believes in using magic, and he does lots of charity, thinking that in this way he will compensate for the CURSE OF GOD that is upon him and that took his wife's life because of his Satanism and involvement in black magic. He thinks he will deceive people in this way, so that the real McCartney will not be perceived, as does the old Devil we all know, attempting to disguise as good in front of people, deceiving mankind once again, as so many other thousands of times through the centuries....

After the Devil began his devastating job from the ghostly "Devil's Island" through his nine main puppets (Beatles-Rolling Stones), he possessed an endless amount of other schizophrenic bad musicians in the afore mentioned Island and weakening their conscience with drugs, he made them proclaimers of homosexuality, aversion to religion, destruction of family values, dissipation, mental illness, antisocial tendencies, etc., etc.,
The fact that bad apprentice musicians such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones achieved such a giant fame that not even the real quality musicians could achieve, was because the forces of Satan were behind everything, supporting the process.

This mentally ill humanity, destroyed families, twisted moral values, manifest or repressed homosexuality in human beings, anti natural feminism rebellion, drug addiction, corrupt social outlines, mad youths without direction, non respect to hierarchies, convulsed nations, misanthropy, misogyny, paedophilia, irrational and feeble lasciviousness and all other type of existent aberrations, are due to the vast manoeuvre that Satan executed through his main marionettes the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, from the Devil's Island.
If you wonder why there is misery and curse in your house, it is because you own some L.P, CD or another article related to the CURSED BY GOD Beatles and Rolling Stones. We recommend you to take that curse out of your house throwing away everything related to the Devil's main nine puppets....

You have been warned...

(The Five Judges)

In the interest of mankind, it is your duty to send our verdict to everyone you know. Save souls.


(The Five Judges)
(Judge T., Judge B., Judge S., Judge M. and Judge K.)

Appendix to 1st VERDICT

"A music nothing called the Beatles"

There is much more that can be considered and that can be revealed about the worst musicians on Earth, if musicians at all, namely: The Beatles.
Such bad musicians that George Martin had to pay a session drummer to record "Love me do", because Ringo was unable to play the elementary drumming of the song. Such an elementary drumming that even a beginner could play, but not Ringo... .
Such bad musicians that they had to ask another two-finger bad guitar player called Eric Clapton to do solos on their songs because George Harrison could not produce reasonable guitar string vibrato...
Such bad musicians, if musicians at all, that at the studio they had to record their elementary songs over and over again about a thousand times because every take was full of blunders. In fact, on the Beatles' "white album" we hear John Lennon screaming "═ got blisters on my fingers!!", due to the many million times he had to repeat the thing at the studio... .
Such bad musicians that they used the same chord sequence in about 70% of their songs, (I-VI-V-minor relative and their permutations) meaning that they only composed one song and repeated it in different rhythms, Keys and permutations throughout 70% of their repertoire... .
Such bad musicians that at the Cavern, a few years back, McCartney had to start the elementary "I saw her standing there" four times because every time he got in he did it out of time. Ironically, the session musicians he played with that night started the song ok, but McCartney could not... .

The Beatles were such mediocre composers that they stole other people's songs and made it their own, sometimes only changing title and lyrics. Other times they would play other people's songs backwards and steal the melodies and harmonies thus being produced. They've been listening to other people's songs played backwards since 1967. Since then, 40% of their "compositions" have been stolen from backwards-played songs. This trick was also used by "Oasis". They very well knew about this fraud of the Beatles... .
George Harrison was taken to court by the "Chiffons" because of stealing one of their songs and calling it "My sweet lord".
The Beatles stole Trini Lopez's "Bamba" and called it "Twist and shouts", pretending it was their own.
The Beatles stole one of the "Salvation Army" songs' and called it "Strawberry fields forever".
The Beatles stole the end of the second part in "A day in the life" from "Men made of match sticks".
John Lennon stole a part of "Jealous guy" (..I began to lose control... ) from "She's a rainbow".
John Lennon stole the guitar pattern of "Dear Prudence" from the guitar pattern of "Something in the air".
Paul Mc Cartney stole the bass line of "Susie Q" and used it in "Taxman" and did it again in "Rain". Stole the bass pattern of "Let's spend the night together" and used it in "Get Back" and in "I've got a feeling". Stole the bass line of "My girl" and used it in "Two of us", and so on, and on, and on, and on... ..
They even stole songs from their own songs. John Lennon stole the chord pattern of "You've got to hide your love away" from "I'm a loser". Stole the guitar pattern of "Dig a Pony" from the pattern in "Two of us". Stole "Merry go 'round" from "Flying". Stole the beginning of "Rocky racoon" from the beginning of "I'm a loser".
George Harrison stole the chords in "Isn't it a pity" from the beginning of "Eight days a week". Stole the first bit of "Fixing a hole" from "Michelle". And so on, and on, and on, and on, and many more ons...

The Beatles were very poor singers, if singers at all. They had no voice for singing. Their voice was very thin and nasal, with no depth, no body and with no vibrato. All they could do was shout. In fact, their lack of voice forced them to shout. The Beatles did not sing, they shouted. They should have left singing to Tom Jones, Humperdink, Joan Baez, and so on... The poorest voices in the Beatles were Harrison's and Lennon's. Harrison did not have voice at all, not for even shouting. Lennon's voice was so nasal, that he always did the backing lower voice and when he did not then he shouted. He had a crow's tone. The Beatles had to always use special microphones to add depth to their skinny and nasal voice, and after that, they spent hours at the recording studio embellishing and concealing their nasality with equalizers and effects, that is HOURS... . the Beatles were not singers... the Beatles were SHOUTERS...

Being homosexual Brian Epstein the forger of the Beatles project, Epstein instructed the Beatles to let their hair grow, so as to appeal to repressed homosexuality in people. Epstein noticed what the effeminate face of Elvis Presley did on people and the fame he gained because of it, so he played the same card. The Beatles boom was not due to their music, but to their appeal to repressed homosexuality (as well as to having been the first internationally promoted electric guitar band). The Beatles opened the homosexual Aquarius era which is ruled by Uranus, the planet of homosexuality... Musically they were so bad that the A&R of the Decca record firm laughed in the face of Brian Epstein when he listened to the recordings of the Beatles, and he told Epstein that they sounded like tin and that he was not interested. George Martin told Epstein, when he listened to the recordings of the Beatles: "You better go back with your boys to Liverpool", because of how bad the musical quality of the group was.... it was with the idea of the long hair (that would appeal to repressed homosexuality in people) that Brian Epstein was able to convince George Martin.....

They were possibly the ugliest faces ever seen on stage. George Harrison's face looked like Frankenstein, John Lennon's face looked like a witch. (They really needed long hair to hide their ugly faces) Paul Mc Cartney had such an effeminate face (as well as a pig's face) that he always played the Miss Beatle role, with very fragile and womanish manners (Close friend of homosexual Mick Jagger). This is the reason why ugly John Lennon teamed with him to form the band. He knew he needed an effeminate face as that of Presley in the band and he knew that because of his ugliness he couldn't have been the one, so he called Mc Cartney...

The Beatles degraded the standard of music so much that they made stardom accessible to every music beginner. Thanks to the Beatles we see non-musicians and bad musicians on stage. Thanks to the Beatles we have the audience on stage. Thanks to the Beatles anybody is a star, WHOEVER. Thanks to the Beatles we have sound pollution, known by the drugged minds as "rock music". Thanks to the Beatles people do not appreciate the work of quality musicians anymore. Of course the Beatles promoted drugs, so that because of drugs their elementary noise would be perceived as "music" through the handicapped state of appreciation of the idiotic limbo of slowed down mental processes. Thanks to the Beatles we see idiotic music beginners on the "greatness delirium" of a paranoid mental frame induced by drugs... Hebephrenic, Paranoid and Catatonic schizophrenics have become "stars". The stage has become a mental asylum, thanks to the Beatles...

Thanks to the Beatles and the electric guitar with distortion where any note you play would just fit because differences are not that noticeable, we have the audience on stage. You just press any string on any fret, wherever... it will do... . No one will notice a thing. Any noise will do... . In tune or out of tune, in the scale or out of it, who cares... the distorted electric guitar will conceal anything...You don't need the slightest knowledge of music, just learn a couple of easy chords and use a couple of fingers in changing strings and that's it. After that you buy yourself an electric guitar with a distortion pedal, and you are a star... . Music? ... . What's that... Music... WHO CARES?
Since the electric guitar was invented anybody is a guitarist... WHOEVER... With such sensitive strings that even the wind can play just by blowing on it, also due to amplification, anybody can prostitute music... whoever... . you just press the strings with the fingers of one hand and it sounds... .you can use the other hand to make a phone call at the same time... .Even the cat can produce sounds on the electric guitar by walking on the strings... EVEN YOUR CAT COULD BE A STAR!!!!...
You don't need to practice to play an electric guitar... it sounds on it's own... .

Thanks to the electric guitar, bad or non-guitarists that play with only two or three fingers such as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Peter Townsend, Keith Richards, John Lennon, George Harrison, Sting, Noel Gallagher, Paul McCartney, Steve Winwood, David Gilmour, BB King, Chuck Berry, and so on, and on, and on, have polluted music, but when you give them an acoustic guitar they can hardly do much... strum it at the most...
As a matter of fact, with the exception of "Yes" (a "bravissimo" exception) and "Emerson, Lake and Palmer" (another "bravissimo" exception), you can throw all the remaining famous "rock bands" into a dustbin... . THE LOT... sixty or seventy years of noise making bad musicians or non-musicians into a dustbin... . together with electric guitars, drugs, "greatness delirium" and all... .

The same applies to synthesizers, samplers and all type of electronic keyboards with sequencers and any kind of electronic trick that allow bad or non-keyboard players to pollute the stage... . Just by pressing a key on these gadgets you hear fat symphonic sounds that resemble the body of a full orchestra, psychedelic ensembles for the drugged minds and so on, that sound as if the performer was using all the fingers of both hands to play it, but when you look at the fingers of the players, they are only pressing one or two keys, that is, they are only using one or two fingers on the keyboard, and sometimes the left hand is not even being used, and when it is used, only another one or two fingers come into play... ..Once again, these gadgets place the audience on stage and allow UNTALENTED idiots to become "stars"... .

As another aspect of the music degeneration and quality standard lowering brought about by the Beatles, we see untalented female "singers" with no voice making it big by showing tits and ass on the stage, or by using pornographic gestures, or by insinuating sex in one way or another. If they want to show their tits and asses they should be on pornographic magazines or videos and leave the stage to talented female singers such as the Queens Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Diane Ross, and so on... . Just recently, one of these idiotic untalented female "singers" was seen on an American TV show performing side by side with Aretha Franklin, attempting to copy what the great Aretha was doing... We still wonder how Aretha permitted it... The only way these untalented female "singers" can get on top of the stage is by going to bed with the managers or producers...
And now, a list of untalented female "singers": Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, etc., etc.... once again, the audience on stage... .

And finally let's talk about the "Harmonizer", the gadget that allows non-singers and crap singers to "sing". Unfortunately for the Beatles, the thing was not invented at the time they were polluting the stage, otherwise they would have been taken for singers. You sing out of tune and the Harmonizer corrects your voice... . Every note you sing that is out of pitch is taken to perfect pitch by the artefact... . You have the tone of a parrot... don't worry... with the Harmonizer you will sound like Caruso. It changes your voice to sound like the voice of any known voice virtuoso, and you can even choose which singer you want to sound like!!!... Is that note too high for you... you'll reach it with the Harmonizer... . it will create from one of your lower notes!!!... . The gadget is incorporated in some of the "karaoke" devices used by the audience on stage... . you just BARK into the microphone and you'll sound as sweet as the nightingale...

All of this thanks to the Beatles and their counterpart the Rolling Stones (with the exception of Brian Jones, the real father of the Sixties), who opened the door for the audience to get on top of the stage...

You have been informed... .

(The Five Judges)


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O-Bla-dee O-bla-da 15.Jan.2005 17:14

not quitting my day job..

Yesterday, all the kooks seemed so far away,
Now I know their here to stay, Oh I wish they would just go away.

Why they have to crow I don't know, they continue to bray.
Home of the Ding dong, how wrong, please don't stay...

For someone who wants us to think they respect God so much... 15.Jan.2005 17:35

you sure do think highly of yourself.

proud, are we? self-righteousness is a sin. and all this gossip about the beatles...who you don't even know. i think if the 5 judges focused on getting rid of their own sinfulness first and foremost, they'd have a better understanding of the world around them...

but that's just my opinion.

wow! that's harsh! 15.Jan.2005 17:36

amazed in Canada

That was quite an essay! I've never read anything quite like it before. The writer sure hates the Beatles - as well as 60 to 70% of rock musicians of the 60's and 70's. I share his view that the Beatles contributed somewhat to the deterioration of mankind, but I cannot concur in the belief that "the Beatles caused the disintegration of mankind". And the writer of the essay seems to have a strong negative attitude towards homosexuals. Perhaps he is a fundamentalist Christian, which certainly am not.

Although many of the above scathing criticisms may be valid (and there sure are alot of them!) nevertheless every person, as well as every rock group and performer, also have redeeming features. The above author failed to recognise any of the positive qualities of the Beatles, either singly or collectively. Thus his review of them is quite biased towards the negative.

Overall, though I don't share the extreme religious orientation that seems to lay behind this harsh review of the Beatles, I do concur with many of the above criticisms. The Beatles, as well as Bob Dylan, were indeed somewhat talented musicians and lyricists. But I strongly suspect that both the Beatles and Bob Dylan lacked a fundamental morality and balance, no doubt exacerbated by their copious consumption of a cocktail of narcotics over a protracted period of time. Morality, I feel, is the foundation of true art. In this respect, I feel that the Beatles and Bob Dylan are weak, which severely compromises their art. I recently attended the Bob Dylan exhibit at Seattle's Experience Music Project, which included a premiere showing of a new documentary on the life and career of Bob Dylan. While no one can reasonably question the astonishing intelligence and creativity of Bob Dylan, at the end of the day I was left with the feeling, from a variety of facts that I learned, that he was not a "good person".

Some of the better musicians of the rock era, in terms of ethics and morality, are Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and Phil Ochs. I'm not sure about Van Morrison, but he is definitely better morally than either the Beattles or Bob Dylan. Donovan, Neil Diamond and Cat Stevens produced some sublime, elevating music earlier in their careers, but overall mental and moral deterioration (probably involving promiscuous sexuality, money temptations, fame and narcotics) seems to have set in after the initial phase of their careers.

This is a subject that doesn't receive too much consideration these days (art and morality), so I would be interested to hear the views of other people. Who are the truly good, moral musicians of our day? Jewel and Michael Franti seem to be positive influences. But which artists are strongly arousing people to take a clear and courageous moral stand in this age of impending moral darkness?

and what about the amazing morality of 15.Jan.2005 18:02


What about Francis Sinatra that moral guy?
And Elvis Presley there's another...
Van Gogh??? great morality
art and morality? why not police science and morality or maybe politicians and morality?

A SHORT LIST 15.Jan.2005 18:03

amateur rock historian

here are some bands and artists that stick up for their morals:

patti smith, fugazi, sonic youth, sleater-kinney, and pearl jam, to begin with. there are many more, but these are some of the bands that have been at the forefront. patti smith's music, and her shows, are almost more of a participatory event than the traditional artist/fan dichotomy. her words are more poetic than most rock lyrics, and her energy is very positive. fugazi is well known for their political, anti-corporate, diy music. they are also known for the record label for which they are active members: dischord records, which started as a diy label with a bunch of straight edge kids in bands who were pissed off about the drug scene as much as anything else. sonic youth is known for their avant-garde "noise" or "art" rock. they are very active in politics and family life, as well as other forms of art. sleater-kinney is from portland, but they were formed in olympia, surrounded by the hype of all the riot grrrl bands. they have spoken out a lot about feminism and queer issues, and the war. and last but not least, pearl jam has lent a hand in numerous endeavours...too numerous to mention. they have spent a lot of money on moral issues, but they don't just throw money at things. they are actively involved in community issues. from environmental to native american issues. from war to child abuse and homelessness. there are so many positive bands out there that are great artists and, though i don't know them, seem to be great people, sincerely.

just a thought.

HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 15.Jan.2005 19:00

Please......No....Stop........No More........HA HA HA HA HA

Even if I had a hundred bullhorns attached to my mouth and a hydraulic compressor in my lungs, there is no way I could laugh hard enough about the above statement.
This is either a brilliant dada-esque farce or the diarrhetic by-product of a very broken mind.
In none of your incredible spewage do you have a single DIRECT example of how the Beatles were a bad influence on humanity.
What part of "All You Need is Love" don't you understand?
Well done though - good creative writing exercise, bravo.

"Morality"?! 15.Jan.2005 19:03


"Morality, I feel, is the foundation of true art."

Whose "morality?" Furthermore, whose socioeconomic systems? Whose very worldview? That's what our fight is about. As for some of the self-righteous, bigoted, self-annointed Arbiters who weighed in (including the original poster, obviously), why don't you instead try and live a more humane world. Save the preaching for your own choir.

Blame it on the Rolling Stones 15.Jan.2005 19:40

Toe Tag

Especially Jagger.

Fundemental Christians have burned Beatles records... 15.Jan.2005 19:50

Pravda or Consequences

And look at the amoral empire they have built.

- 15.Jan.2005 21:43


Why Bush & the CIA Had John Lennon Killed -- The Beatles, the Montauk Project, the Tavistock Institute and Mass Social Control

ę 1999 John Quinn/NewsHawk« inc.

All Rights Reserved

Today is the birthday of Beatle John Lennon.

In honor of the man and his wonderful music NewsHawk Inc. has decided to take a look at what was going on "behind the scenes" of the 1960's "countercultural revolution"; to explore a bit how the world's most popular and undeniably talented rock band was without ANY doubt "used" by New World Order social manipulators (as were MANY other pop music groups) in an ongoing project designed to control the development of human society in the most fundamental ways.

There are direct links which tie these activities to certain covert scientific projects of an extremely advanced, esoteric nature which were exploring the realms of (manipulation of) consciousness, time, thought and indeed "reality" itself, which were being conducted during the same period of time on Long Island, N.Y.: activities which were part of the Phoenix/Montauk Project.

In fact we are talking about two sides of the same coin here. On one side, the covert, subtle manipulation and control of not only thought and human consciousness but of the most fundamental, subatomic, electromagnetic matrix of (perceived) reality itself, using newly-developed electromagnetic/radio frequency technologies of extraordinary, unheard-of power and potential. On the other side, directly and overtly shifting the paradigm, changing the basic concepts, widening the parameters--the envelope, changing the playing field and all the rules of play by which society defines itself within an exceptionally short period of time.

Factor in what was happening on more political levels such as the civil rights and anti-war movements, stir briskly while at full boil, and STAND BACK!

What's rather amazing in fact is that society did NOT disintegrate/implode/explode in the way the social manipulators had apparently hoped. The higher qualities of human nature seemed to consistently float to the surface--with some notable exceptions--and certainly began to acquire a significant, if not nearly irresistible momentum of it's own; pulling in larger and larger segments, of "straight"', conventional, "moral majority" type elements of society. obviously, the big plan was backfiring severely and something "needed to be done."

The Beatles were also part of the mass experimentation that contemporary society was being subjected to by the CIA, Britain's MI6 and the Tavistock Institute utilizing extraordinarily powerful mind-altering psychedelic/psychotropic drugs.

More than most of the other boys in the band, John Lennon became increasingly aware not only of the extent of corruption, co-opting and infiltration of the counterculture -- most CERTAINLY including the rock music scene -- by these same covert government intelligence elements.

Lennon was also aware than one of the "big guns" in the CIA/Tavistock/MI6 arsenal, LSD, had been having effect upon the population groups to which it had been funneled so extensively that was most unexpected on the part of the social manipulators--and to a large extent the effect was rather positive and beneficial.

Shortly before Lennon's death at the hands of what beyond the faintest glimmer of a shadow a doubt was a mind-controlled, "Manchurian Candidate" type assassin deployed by Tavistock/CIA/MI6, Mark Chapman to terminate a "loose cannon", Lennon had the audacity to massively and blatantly "out" the aforementioned consortium in a Playboy interview -- in which he made note of LSD's completely unforeseen liberating impact upon human society and civilization--pretty much thumbing his nose at the whole bunch and their whole trip; AND indicating as well that he was aware of the extent to which he and other pop musicians had been set up--to be used as dupes in massive social manipulation schemes.

Shortly afterward, New World Order head honcho and Satanist, globalist, CIA chief and Tavistock underling vice-president George Bush had Lennon slaughtered on the streets of new York; where he died in the arms of someone that a number of sources claim was the monarch agent deployed by MI6/CIA to keep the exceptionally intelligent Lennon constantly gravitating toward the social fringe; thereby keeping his potential influence at least minimized -- Yoko Ono. That's NOT to say that even IF this last supposition is true, that genuine love and a fulfilling relationship did not exist between the two and that Yoko's "programming", just like John's, broke up and fell apart.

And what about those Beatles, anyway? Anyone who has heard the Beatles' live tapes recorded in 1961 and 1962 on the "Reeperbahn" in Hamburg, Germany realizes that this was an incredibly talented and energetic bunch of rockers who no matter what would have undoubtedly had a significant impact upon popular music and thus upon society itself, regardless of things which occurred subsequently in their saga.

And without any doubt being given access to state-of-the art audio and recording technologies and facilities stimulated their creativity quite a bit--for the benefit of all; "MR. KITE" included.

Personally I think the Beatles were definitely "the greatest"--or damn close to it.

thought Yoko was the cause of the down fall for western civilization 15.Jan.2005 21:59


I always thought Yoko Ono was the cause of the down fall for western civilization. That and intolerance I hate people that are intolreant. But that is just me ;)

u take the cake! 15.Jan.2005 22:09

a nony mouse

You guys(?) take the cake! Are you an escaped CIA experiment or Whaaaa? Lighten up on the Xanax already and quit reading those "Last Days" novels before you hurt yourself (or somebody else!) Yeah, the church of England was cool, founded by mass murderer Henry VIII. You and the rest of your born-again paranoia pussies couldn't shine John Lennon's freakin' shoes! I gotta admit, you're sure entertaining in a train-wreck kind of way. Good luck with the Lobotomy and Strawberry Fields Forever!

nobody knows my history 15.Jan.2005 22:25


The Canadian commenter says that the Beatles and Bob Dylan are "weak" from a moral standpoint, but what's the point there? And what if anything does that have to do with the music. You have to understand that while it probably would've been hard to be friends with a Bob Dylan or John Lennon, you have to consider the work that they did, which surely transcends the peculiar temperments of the two personalities. The sheer volume of work they put in their day was impressive, etc... also, there's the historical aspect, y'know, that was 40 years ago. As for artists today who carry that banner, regardless of their moral fortitude, I'd have to say none other than Sarah McLachlan.

Man oh man, High Court eh? 15.Jan.2005 22:38

just a citizen

Y'all are High all right

great something 15.Jan.2005 23:56

dude the rock guy

mankind is over rated anyway so i wont feel too bad if it was the beatles that fucked it all up.

"How Much is that Dog in the Window" 16.Jan.2005 00:32


"How Much is that Dog in the Window" vs. "I Want to Hold Your Hand"

Which one is more "demonic"?

I just wasted five minutes.... 16.Jan.2005 10:48


I can't believe I read the whole thing. Better articles can be found in the Indymedia compost bin. I'm wondering why it wasn't composted. I'm assuming this was because the article is so ridiculous that the Indymedia staffers thought we'd get some laughs out of it. Where did it come from? What is the "High Court"? Is it something like The Onion, a spoof or satire?

This would be a good piece to use in high school or college critical thinking classes. It's so full of lapsed logic, nonsequiturs, emotional tirades relating to religion and sexuality, etc. as to be almost incomprehensible.

Soliarie and Mozart 16.Jan.2005 10:58

China Doll

>>Thanks to the electric guitar, bad or non-guitarists that play with only two or three fingers such as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Peter Townsend, Keith Richards, John Lennon, George Harrison, Sting, Noel Gallagher, Paul McCartney, Steve Winwood, David Gilmour, BB King, Chuck Berry, and so on, and on, and on, have polluted music, but when you give them an acoustic guitar they can hardly do much... strum it at the most...<<

Well, at least that rules out Gerry Garcia, who was well known for his acoustic guitar playing at blue grass festivals. Garcia often accompanied David Grisman on mandolin. One comment, though, the sheet music version of "Stairway to Heaven" is not what I would call a trivial guitar piece, so I'm inclined to leave Jimmy Page out of the list of mediocraties, whose patron saint is Soliarie.

The world of music has been full of want-to-bees and mediocraties since the beginning, and so, the rift between Soliarie and Mozart became the architype of the future of music.

The conservatives: The future of humanity 16.Jan.2005 11:35


You sir, are obviously conservative.
All conservatives are arrogant.
All arrogance is unforgivable sin.

"acoustic guitar they can hardly do much... strum it at the most..." 16.Jan.2005 13:22


of those pop / rock guitarists listed,

Jimmy Page has actually been quite accomplished and innovative on the acoustic guitar - at least in the 'arena' of 'rock' music.

RE: Stairway and 'trivial guitar pieces' - you should try learning the chord progression and fingerings to Led Zeppelin's "The Rain Song".

several Led Zeppelin compositions, such as "Bron-Yr-Aur" and "Kashmir", use D-A-D-G-B-E and other alternative guitar tunings.

(to be certain, guitarists such as Bert Jansch, John Fahey, John Renbourn or John McLaughlin are better musicians on the acoustic guitar than is Jimmy Page . . . but he's still better than those other 'rock' players mentioned.)

RE: Jerry Garcia,

he was actually a BLUEGRASS BANJO player during the 1961-1965 period - before he ever met the future members of the Grateful Dead - and actually traveled the U.S. going to bluegrass festivals playing acoustic guitar and banjo.

Garcia was innovative as an electric guitar improvisor in rock music, but he was really a better acoustic bluegrass musician - and in interviews, he repeatedly mentioned how bluegrass/old-time music, and the banjo, were his personal true loves.

RE: BB King,

as someone who has "polluted music"???!?????!!????

this has got to be one of most ridiculous, unsubstantiated things I've ever read.

first of all, B.B. King DOES NOT PLAY 'acoustic' guitar. he is one of the founders of post-WWII era electric blues guitar. (for all of B.B. King's vast contribution to modern music, if he never touched, or came within sight of, an acoustic guitar, no human being would hold it against him.)

second, he's acknowleged globally for his innovation and contributions to electric guitar playing, by anyone who plays electric guitar.

third, he's also a great blues SINGER and BANDLEADER - and has been for half a century.

finally, to casually lump B.B. King in as someone who has "polluted music" is to denigrate one of the great African-American musicians of our time, and can ultimately, only be interpreted as a racist assertion. (If you can't simply acknowledge urban blues music as the beautiful art form that it is, then you've really got problems . . .)

RE: Chuck Berry,

every single 'rock and roll' band since the 1950s has stolen or revised his riffs and licks in one form or another. He is the originator of 'rock and roll' guitar.

Oh, go tell it to Sweeney 16.Jan.2005 14:09


Let's look at the very first claim here:

" It came from Liverpool, which was the port base to the Titanic, destroyed by God because of the arrogant insult of Captain Smith (also from Liverpool): "Not even God can sink my ship" (not only the Captain, but also the rest of the crew and even the orchestra playing at the Titanic were from Liverpool)."

White Star's Titanic crew list includes 884 names. Of these, exactly 13 are listed as being from Liverpool. The remainder, except for 92 residents of other places, lived in and around Southampton. Captain Smith was a native of Hanley, Staffordshire and lived in Westwood, a suburb of Southampton.

Because of a peculiar arrangment in which the musicians were actually employees of a booking agency and not of White star, their names and residences don't appear in the crew list. However, it is known that Wallace Hartley, the band leader, was from Colne, Lancashire.

Now when someone is obliging enough to reveal, by including such a trivially demonstrable falsehood in the very first paragraph, that they would rather pull "facts" out of their asses than do an easy bit of research, what's the point of reading any further?

Well, er, whatever you say 16.Jan.2005 15:51


or possibly there has never been an era in which music was both creative and original. The list of the artists from the 60's - mid 70's that produced incredible music, none of which sounded alike, is stupefying. I like all forms of contemporary musical expression, from old school hip hop (Kurtis Blow) to current alternative/metal/techno et al, and the whole evolution of musical ideas. But there's something magical about the 60's that will remain significant for a long while.

song about john lennon 16.Jan.2005 20:18

a nony mouse

Here's a tune i wrote about John Lennon- It's called "Johnny Was a Rocker" It's 5 minutes long-mp3
Johnny Was a Rocker
Johnny Was a Rocker

try this 16.Jan.2005 21:58

other people

> This is a subject that doesn't receive too much
> consideration these days (art and morality), so I would be
> interested to hear the views of other people.

This other person thinks people like you should spend less time worrying about other people's sexual behavior and drug preferences. Plenty of "promiscuous" individuals are happy, friendly, productive people, and plenty of other folks are stuck in horrible bad marriages because they think breaking up and getting out is "bad" or "wrong." Even "narcotic" use is not necessarily related to behaviors that legitimately interest other people. There are junkies who are nice folks and straight-edgers who are assholes and thieves. Straighten yer shit out and stop looking for philosophical guidance from the two-thousand-year-old scribblings of long-dead paranoid wackos.

You must be f#*king mad 17.Jan.2005 22:51

Richard Canterbilt

The author of this article must be f#*king mad. As if. I remember being in third grade back in the Midwest in 1964 and my tight faced thin lipped teacher, Mrs. Smith, lecturing we students in the same manner....I remember it well........"When you children grow up I don't want you chasing these Beatles around...they are Communists!" What a terrible thing to say to children after all. Morbid sentimental people always look for some kind of past that they can cling to, don't they? And they always need a scapegoat for their own personal illness. In the case of the poster of this article it is the opinion of your humble correspondent that he is ill beyond recovery. Oh yes and there was that thing way back in the 70's about the Beatles being the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. More idiocy from people trying to read their own personal illenesses into current events. As if. What? And The Rolling Stones? And Bob Marley and the Wailers? And Dylan too? What shall we hang them all? Bring back hanging. For everyone. They'll be hanging from the telephone poles and the street lights when YOU'RE DONE, won't they? Richard Canterbilt

Bring Back Hanging 17.Jan.2005 22:52

Richard Canterbilt

The author of this article must be f#*king mad. As if. I remember being in third grade back in the Midwest in 1964 and my tight faced thin lipped teacher, Mrs. Smith, lecturing we students in the same manner....I remember it well........"When you children grow up I don't want you chasing these Beatles around...they are Communists!" What a terrible thing to say to children after all. Morbid sentimental people always look for some kind of past that they can cling to, don't they? And they always need a scapegoat for their own personal illness. In the case of the poster of this article it is the opinion of your humble correspondent that he is ill beyond recovery. Oh yes and there was that thing way back in the 70's about the Beatles being the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. More idiocy from people trying to read their own personal illenesses into current events. As if. What? And The Rolling Stones? And Bob Marley and the Wailers? And Dylan too? What shall we hang them all? Bring back hanging. For everyone. They'll be hanging from the telephone poles and the street lights when YOU'RE DONE, won't they? Richard Canterbilt

Funny how people can face the truth 18.Jan.2005 16:23

Carl Wernerhoff

If there are any forces which can clearly be identified as contributing to the period of devolution we are currently living in, it's hardly the Beatles. It's out-of-control American corporate capitalism and its hitman, the military-industrial complex. It's funny how many people would rather blame a mere pop group than the people who really wield the power in the modern world.

what an idiot 11.Feb.2005 22:31

someone who doesn't have their head up their ass

wow, i've never read anything this stupid. Things that my 3 year old son have written make more sense than this. If you think people such as Jimmy Page and Pete Townshend can't play guitar... wow that's just amazing.

You really are quite stupid. 12.Feb.2005 18:32


There is one incontrovertable fact which renders your entire article false.

God doesn't exist.

Now run off back to the middle ages where you belong, and stop poisoning our time with your self righteous, hypocritical and twisted 'morals' and 'values'.

what a jackass 13.Feb.2005 00:48

da real truth

the author of this story has no idea or proof of what he is talking about. To criticize the Beatles and all these other artists is just really pointless, and his arguments have no basis in reality whatsoever.

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